The idea

With the Jørg "Love!Solo album I set my life and things that have kept me busy for many years. Written from 2010 onwards 2019 from it the CD "Jørg - Love!”With lots of acoustic guitar elements. I call it “handmade music”. For me, music has always been a means of organizing my thoughts and sometimes working through problems and being able to leave them behind. That only became clear to me a while before this production started. Here is the link to listen to the album on your favorite service!

The production

I produced and recorded it Jørg "Love!Solo solo in my studio in Ingolstadt. I also renewed the older compositions and equipped them with a new, fantastic sound. In my opinion, I managed to work out the sound of the guitars and the vocals optimally. And I was able to give each piece its own character. Convince yourself!

Jörg Klein aka "Jørg”: VEVO Original of“ Good bye good old world ”from 2019

No blues!

In contrast to the two albums and CDs "Jørg - We call it Blues" and "Jørg - Angry Road" this album is not based on blues, sondern rather on acoustic elements. But something always drives me to produce music in my very own way. So there were clearly rock guitars and rock drums to add to the songs on the Jørg "Love!”Album to give my typical“ pressure ”.

My favourite song

My personal favorite song from the Jørg "Love!"Album is"Goodbye, good old world". It is about the time when I had to leave my old job as an independent advertising technician behind to start something new. Namely in the work as a musician and guitar teacher.

Jørg "Love!"Album 2019 Live at the DRPP 2018
Jørg & Band live with “Good bye good old world” at DRPP 2018 in the Siegerlandhalle.

Meanwhile there is also one Solo acoustic guitar video from the “#vflive” event at the ORIGO SUMMER STAGE in Riga.

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