At our first meeting in Riga (Latvia) in August 2019 at the ORIGO SUMMER STAGE we found that our acoustic sets actually fit well together on one stage. And now the time has come - we are offering you an acoustic guitar evening: “Kamal & Jørg Acoustic Set ”.


Somebody once said “Jörg doesn't play music - Jörg is music”. 40 years of experience with the guitar and vocals have left clear marks. With the influence of the great guitarists and singers of the 80s and 90s, a set of songs with charm, melancholy was created. But also joy and sadness that describe my life and my feelings. Jørg just.
In the acoustic set I play songs from my albums'With Love! from Jørg','We call it Blues' & 'Angry Road' in a special acoustic version. And I take you on a journey through all feelings!
A song from the album "Love!”Is currently climbing into the Euro Indie Music Charts up: Good bye good old world, At the moment (01.10.2019: 5th place).


Carlo Bonomelli was born in a small mountain village in the middle of Italian Alps. Musically self-taught, in the early 2000's he was part of several musical projects of the most disparate genres (ska-rocksteady, punk-rock, glam, psychedelia, folk). In 2007 he started his solo project and during a trip to Nepal he received the nickname “Kamal”.

Between 2010 and 2013 he lived between Australia and Asia. Once back in Europe he published his first album "La bacchetta magica e altre storie"(2013), followed by"Don't think too much"(2015) and"Aboriginal Italiani"(2017), as well as other digital EPs and various collaborations. Ie the new Idea: Kamal & Jørg Acoustic set

Jørg - Acoustic live

Jørg playing an Acoustic Song from the Album "Love!”In Riga

Jørg comes with an acoustic guitar and its resonator guitar with a set of approx. 45 minutes. My guitar footboard with 2 loopers is also included to “conjure up” a bit. The devices enable me to record song parts live and then play solos or extended harmonies over them. This is part of my “Guitar Magic” 🙂 and the live acoustic set.

Kamal - Acoustic live:

Carlo “Kamal” Bonomelli playing “Wandering around the World” on his acoustic guitar in Riga.

Carlo is singing his songs in a very basic way, helped by his warm voice and an acoustic guitar in a very folk style, but without forgetting his punk rock past. He can be wild and sweet at the same time.

Kamal & Jørg Acoustic songs

With storyteller KAMAL and Guitar Magician Jørg we guarantee an acoustic concert combination that is guaranteed to have something ready for every listener. With a length of about 90 minutes (or more), the evening is safely saved 🙂

More of us?

Would you like to hear more from us? Our albums are linked in the text above. We look forward to seeing you at Kamal & Jørg Acoustic Set live and then also on Spotify, Youtube, Amazon and the other global providers. We listen to!!!