With my Jørg Sølø - program I connect the songs of my 3 albums “Jørg - We call it Blues","Jørg - Love!" and "Jørg - Angry Road”In special acoustic versions. The set includes listening versions of my songs and also blues parts with the Dobro resonator guitar. I am really looking forward to kidnapping you with my Jørg Sølø program for an evening. Into my world of music! On Friday, December 13.12.2019thXNUMX I was on the INTAKT live stage with the complete Jørg Sølø program!

Jørg Sølø program on the intact live stage

For a long time I thought about how I do one Jørg Sølø program could be interesting enough. To keep up with the very varied band program. And now I think I have found good solutions. With my pedalboard created especially for the solo program, I have one Boss AD-10 (specially for acoustic guitar manufactured effect device) and two Looper integrated into the sound.

Jørg on the INTAKT live stage 18.12.2019

The guitar sound

So I have enough different sounds, effects and accompaniment. My very old framus western guitar (built 1973) becomes an acoustic treat. With another device, a Tube Amp Simulator, I connect my resonator slide guitar. Thus, I can also play parts of the current band set with fantastic sound.

“Soldier of fortune” - Jørg at the IMPERIUM in Sibiu on November 09.11th.2019

The singing

Also on my pedalboard is a looper for vocals, with which I can present myself as a choir. Each time a chorus passes, I can “stack” another voice and create more variety. So it doesn't get boring 🙂 Jørg Sølø program - I'm looking forward to it. On you!

Jørg at the #VFlive closing event in Riga 02.08.2019

The playlist

I have "Eyes of a Stranger", "Good Bye, Good Old Word", "Home Alone", "Little Wing", "She's a Woman" and of course "Best Days of my Life". Among the new albums are "Can not let you go" or "Mrs. B. "with it. I also take a handful of cover songs to the Jørg Sølø program. For example "Soldier of Fortune" by David Coverdale. Altogether almost 20 songs!