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overview about Jørg - Liveevents Europe
Since our “right” start in summer 2018 and a lot has happened in the months since. We could reach the hearts of many people, the 3 albums are online around the world and we are also active in Europe. The tour of Romania is now confirmed; are also planned "Jørg - Solo ”live performances in Italy and maybe even a“Jørg”Band tour through Bulgaria! Jørg live in Europe! 🙂

13.122019 Intact live stage Jørg Sølø program
These acts are live performances from the past:
09.112019 Imperium (Acoustic Set KAMAL & Jørg) in Sibiu
08.112019 Romania: Aby Stage Bar (Rm.Valcea)
07.112019 Manufactura Club (Timisoara)
05.112019 Hardard Pub (Cluj)
02.11 2019 Rock'n Bike Club (Sibiu)
24.102019 Eddy's Rock Club (Munich)
18.102019 Soundcafè SPH Contest (Munich)
24.082019 Munich: Pasing sports park
02.082019 Riga, Latvia: Jørg Solo with acoustic set, Origo Stage
01.082019 Start radio promo in the Euro Indie Music Charts (currently place 14)
20.072019 Großmehring, Basement Eventbar: SPH city finale
11.062019 Start Airplay "Angry Road"In Radio GOFM! (each 72h, fixed in playlist)
01.062019 Ingolstadt: Fischerfest am Auwaldsee (extended program)
10.052019 Munich: Eddy's Rock Club
03.052019 Pfaffenhofen, Intact Musikbühne: CD presentation
27.042019 Fürstenfeldbruck: Jeaney's Music Pub
21.042019 Sibiu, Romania: Rock'n Bike Club
20.042019 Valcea, Romania: Aby Stage Bar
19.042019 Dragasani, Romania: Atelier Dragasani
09.032019 Großmehring, Basement Eventbar: SPH band contest
01.032019 Sibiu, Romania: Atrium Cafe
28.022019 Brasov, Romania: Rock town
July 2018: Jørg live at the Open Air Blues Festival in Brezoi, Romania !!!

Of course there was 2018 one or two live events in the region; Oberleiter's grill party in Pfaffenhofen, the “Centro” in Pfaffenhofen, Backstage 243 in Ingolstadt and of course our presence at the “German Rock and Pop Award” 2018”In the Siegerlandhalle in Siegen, where I won 2nd place in the“ Best Guitarist ”category!
The guys and I are looking forward to seeing you and our next live performances!
Jørg - Liveevents Europe