The JØRG album TORN; Finally the time has come! For me, the new album unites my origins, namely the rock guitar and my love for classical music. At first glance, these are elements that cannot easily be combined. Many of my music colleagues have of course published “Rock meets Classic”, but orchestral movements are usually integrated into rock songs. Which sounds great too!
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But that was always too unclean for me, too unclean. A long time ago, I tried to bring the classical side of music closer to my listeners and students. And so many years ago I bought orchestra samples for the “Gigastudio” software, which unfortunately was discontinued by the TASCAM company. I also never really had the opportunity to compose music with an orchestra. Now I have the technical possibilities to make use of it and I was able to realize it on the album JØRG - TORN!


TORN - the name of the album should symbolize my conflict with the different styles of music. My Romanian friend Laurentiu Ciorgan, with whom I have always been in contact since my performances in Romania in recent years, created a cover design that in my eyes visualizes everything that I wanted to say with my music in JØRG - TORN. The romantic side (the violin on the red velvet), the sheet music on parchment as a symbol for the classic, very old elements for the orchestral setting, the burning guitar in the “Guitar Pick” stands for the passion and virtuosity for rock and ultimately also my name with the cylinder, which has become my trademark. At this point: Laurentiu, thank you very much for that!

Torn out

The JØRG album TORN also stands for “torn out of the world of baroque music as a sign of the times”. For me, the origins of electric guitar music have always been with JS Bach or Domenico Scarlatti. Magnificent art with lots of flourishes and small, golden angels - visualized by the masters Michelangelo or Rubens. And so an album was created that contains five classical orchestral pieces with the electric guitar as an integrated instrument as well as six rock instrumentals. In my opinion, JØRG - TORN offers the perfect variety in listening. I was also very happy to use the opportunity to depict the melody lines in “both worlds”.

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The tracks of the album JØRG - TORN

1.) Andante Vivace

Liveliness, joy of playing, maybe also a little “demonstrating ability” in the sense of a toccata. The orchestral parts play the theme from the next piece “Welcome” in advance.

2.) Welcome

Music that has been with me for a while. With the words “Welcome to my World” I invite the listener to follow me into my very own world of music. Here, too, come back - typical Jørg - Different elements from rock, metal and guitar technique used. I create the synthesizer-like sounds with a Digitech Whammy IV.

3.) Andante Lugubre

Lugubre - gloomy, sad. This piece begins with pathetic fifths in the middle of the piece in a melancholy mood á la “Concert de Aranjuez”To swivel around. I couldn't do without the typical JS Bach parts.

4.) DNA

Like the helix of DNA, the harmony twines itself around itself - once across the circle of fifths. Just as Master JS Bach once led his “Badinerie in F” several times imperceptibly through various keys, I wanted to prove that this is also possible in modern rock music. In order not to be too serious, I added the sweet part with the Digitech Whammy IV in the last third.

5.) Rondo

A round dance from the baroque era. With which I on "Hail to the Glory!" steer. Because the main lines of the orchestra are melodically identical to the guitar melody of the next piece. The lively joy, the nature, the light-heartedness is calmed down about in the middle by gloomy thoughts, only to pick up speed again.

6.) Hail to the Glory!

Classic power metal in the sense of "Aeternom - Fight for the Kingdom!". With all the elements that in my opinion must be contained in German power metal. Rapid tempo, simple polyphonic melodies in quarters and eighth notes - played around by bass and accompanying guitars in muted sixteenth notes. Was fun. This title is “Dr. Dedicated to John ”.

7.) LeeLa

The exact opposite of the previous piece. The backing band moves mainly in a calm, monotonous diatonic to give the lead guitar the freedom to improvise. Many of the phrasing of the free part in the middle contain fast eighth notes and typical blues licks. I just love them 🙂

8.) Overture

With this overture I lead into the sad mood of EO. At the end, the rhythm of EO begins.

9.) E.O

A very important part of Jørg - Torn is a requiem to a friend from the animal kingdom, a Beo, who was allowed to spend the rest of his life with me and who died in my arms after many years. When playing the piece, I always envision the freedom of floating in the air like a bird. Without limits, without limits, without worries. In the solo part you can even hear your typical deep “eeo” ...
It's now a requiem for all the friends I lost along the way ...

10.) Final

As the word suggests - the final of the album. I wanted to close the album the way I started it. Fifths, fourths, baroque elements ... and in my opinion at about 2:00 minutes the most beautiful harmony part of the whole album.

11.) Six Tears

I recorded this track over 25 years ago in a recording studio in Ingolstadt. Six Tears is my proof that an electric guitar can not only sound tragic, sondern also weeps bitter tears. I made a conscious decision not to record the song again sondern to leave it as it was many years ago. Because he is perfect the way he is.
I still play the guitars I used from this piece today 🙂

Last but not least

The lead guitars in “Welcome” and “DNA” were recorded analogously via Laney tube amps, while the virtual amps from NEMBRINI were used on some of the other guitar tracks on JØRG - TORN. Before that I tried out many of the virtual amps available on the market and deleted them immediately. The amps from NEMBRINI AUDIO have led me into a new dimension. Thanks to Igor Nembrini for that!

I hope you enjoy listening to the JØRG album TORN and that you can let me guide you through all the different emotions, styles and harmonies. It is listening music, absolutely unsuitable for party people! Maybe you will find a new approach to music or even to the guitar through my songs. Maybe even to me in the online guitar lessons. I would wish that.

The album is released under my label MX-PRO RECORDS and is available worldwide on all streaming services and online music shops. You can too HERE IN MY SHOP Kaufen.

Jörg Klein, September 2021

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