Brand new music

With "Jørg - Slide Fusion" a brand new music style starts with the new year 2020. I use vocals, bass and slide guitar from the blues, the rhythm guitars and drums come from the heavy metal area.
The result is an explosive mix that contains both power and fat sound as well as melodic vocal lines and feeling. Uncompromising and rousing!
I had a very good feeling when I created the songs. As always, parts of the songs were in my head for days and gradually put them together there. This allowed me to concentrate much more on the feeling of the vocals and the instruments during the actual production.
However, the bass guitar was a surprise at “On The Run”. I actually didn't expect that a blues walking bass would be the right addition to a fat metal sound with my seven-page Ibanez RGit.


Natürlich wäre ich ohne die bisherigen Alben nicht an diesen Punkt gelangt. Da gibt es die traditionellere 2018 "We call it Blues” sowie die deutlich progressivere 2019 "Angry Road". And of course my rocking too 2019 Solo album "Love!" "Jørg - Slide Fusion”Is a musical development of conventional blues and blues rock. And since I also know that I have a Metal Heart (see 2021 album “Aeternom - Fight! For the Kingdom) this production was refreshing, if not liberating me from the chains of the usual music productions.

Mixing and mastering in my recording studio in Ingolstadt, besonders on the first two blues rock albums, brought me a lot of experience. Only when you have worked with “real” drums in the studio do you know how to create the spatial depth in order to achieve a lively sound. That comes with the songs "Jørg - Slide Fusion”Very beneficial.


The EP contains three songs:
This is a story from my career as a musician. Medium speed with a hot Dobro Riffwhich runs through the whole song. Starting with the teachers at the school, for whom I had no time due to my music - to the old man on the death bed and beyond. With a wink!
The song says "hurry up" - and that's how I see my musical life. There are so many songs that still need to be invented. And there are so many sounds and combinations that I have not yet been able to discover.

One successful musician played one concert after the other. Always a new stage, a new bar. Night after night. Then the tide turns; the concert halls are empty, his music is no longer in demand. The loneliness finally eats him up. There he draws his conclusion….
That is probably the nightmare of every musician - that no one wants to hear him anymore, that the sold-out concerts are suddenly no longer attended. A story that has certainly been and still is more than once in the history of music. Is it right to give up at this point?

Your life is empty and meaningless? A day is everyone else? Think about your life and your skills. Remember that you once had goals. And reach them now. Go For it!

My mission

Another thought in the making of SLIDE FUSION it was to bring the ingenious, unmistakable sound of the resonator guitar and the slide (also known as bottleneck) closer to a wider, also younger audience. Through my daily work with guitar students I am well aware that this distinctive sound is not very widespread. With the new EP I might be able to get one or the other young metal fan interested in the roots of blues music?

Publish & Buy

The EP "Jørg - Slide Fusion”Is published worldwide through the following services. The first publication date was February 18th 2020.

Of course I would be very happy if you supported me with the purchase of the EP (and of course with the other albums). This is also a contribution to preserving my music and developing new, great songs. Since the extremely poorly paying streaming services spread, it has become increasingly difficult for us musicians to produce new albums or to finance tours and performances.

The extra to the EP

As a little extra, I have here the unplugged version for you "On the run”. Played with my Full Metal Dobro 🙂

future plans

I also plan toOn The RUN" and "Alone In The Dark”Also to be re-recorded as a blues version on the third blues rock disc in a groovy version. As you can see from the unplugged video, the songs are even compatible with a solo program and have their very own flair.

Like me at the concerts on the “Angry Road Tour ”in Romania, the audience is always enthusiastic about songs on the resonator guitar. Espsondere at "Best Days of my life" from "We call it Blues”I could always notice a dreamy impression and a smile on the faces of the listeners. So the Dobro can also radiate its charm live…
For more songs I will now use the resonator sound more often. For me, this chapter is far from over!