Jørg’s World Radioshow in über 40 Ländern

Jørg's World Radioshow
Jørg's World Radioshow hörst Du jetzt in über 40 Ländern! Das klingt doch, als hätte ich da was richtig gemacht, oder? 🙂 In meiner "Radiowelt" spiele ich ganz unterschiedliche Themen. Manchmal ist es ein Special einer einzelnen Band, und oft habe ich "Mixed Music". Das heisst, unbekannte Künstler und berühmte Bands gemischt in einer Sendung. Und eine Zeit lang gab es eine "Rock History Show" See full article [...]

The Moondogz – Summer Rain (Review)

https://open.spotify.com/track/6f2QlUZmVx4NLVsvwji5dE Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team Bio & Interview: The Moondogz are are Cheshire UK based indie rock band. Song: "Summer Rain" Album: 'What's Done is Done' Album release:'What's Done is Done' was released on Bandcamp and CD on 23rd September 2020.Profile Song: "Summer Rain" The Moondogz have been around a few years, here See full article [...]

Love Battalion – Medium Fish (Review)

https://open.spotify.com/track/16AALR1BS6oXF33ns1INw8 Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team Love Battalion is tagged to strike a match on the paradox of War, ("Battalion") that burns in destruction, hate and negativity. Conversely, Love represents the Band's desire that their Music induce Love and positivity over negativity. These guys are remarkably and righteously aware of the causes of See full article [...]

Rick Pisano – Can’t get enough (Review)

Rick Pisano - Can't get enough (Review)
https://open.spotify.com/track/4MwqemxqwbldBNnjGAUy1c?si=PmJIM8TuQbySjDPPH0sQJg Rick Pisano - Can't get enough: listen to it on Spotify! Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team Profile of Rick Pisano Rick Pisano, is within what I call, "My very top level," of Indies Reviewed over five years. He is a primarily a Blues and Rock, Solo Artist. The earliest Music influence for Rick was The Beatles, See full article [...]

Grunge Norris – Unholy Jane + Black Rose (Review)

Grunge Norris (Review)
https://open.spotify.com/track/5hHXWuSJ2kb7ueygW9OZgU Grunge Norris - Unholy Jane: listen to it on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/track/4I9zDiLXuh8WeAAO2N12gf Grunge Norris - Black Rose: listen to it on Spotify! Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team SHORT/INTRO BIO: Grunge Norris is a prodigious Indie Alternative Rocker and Radio Show Host on SLE Radio. He hails from South East England. Review: See full article [...]

RED IRIS – STAY (Review)

Red Iris - Stay (Review)
https://open.spotify.com/track/4XrVxnWw06TsicszqswgD6 Red Iris - Stay, here you can listen to it in Spotify! Red Iris - Stay (Lyric Version)   Red Iris - Stay (Review by Brecon Indie Rev.) hit Social Media, WW Radio and streams, Rocked n Loaded and has been firing since! In September, I did a profile on this down South, hotter than boiling Rock Band; some of which you may enjoy See full article [...]