George "Jørg” Klein is a guitarist and musician from Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany. With his musical experience of over 35 years, he has become a fixture for many international fellow musicians and music listeners. His specialty as a musician and producer ranges from acoustic songs to blues and metal.

guitar teacher

Has been working for over 25 years Jørg as a freelance guitar teacher in his music school GUITAR ON DEMAND and longtime technician at the mixing desk live and also in the studio.

As a guitar teacher he has been in demand since around 1990. 2020 he switched his work - due to the pandemic - to online operation. This resulted in dealing with online presence both in the classroom and in social media such as Facebook or YouTube. In addition, now finally with the opportunity to offer the perfect guitar lessons nationwide. With his collection of over 35 different guitars he is prepared for every situation.

Own record company

In 2021 he founded his own record company MX-PRO RECORDS with recording studio for mix & master. MX-PRO RECORDS works with a small, elite group of international musicians and bands on their own pieces, but also on various collaborations and their worldwide releases. Its services can be accessed through the JørgShop be obtained.

The years before

Before that he worked from 1993 as a freelance advertising technician with his own artwork production and printing shop, as well as a labeling service. These skills in creating layouts and generating advertisements naturally come in handy when working with the record label.

The radio host

2019 started  Jørg his work as a radio host and is with his weekly show "Jørg's World” extremely successful on several international radio stations. The highlight at the moment is his weekly live broadcast on German DAB+ / web radio MELODICRADIO with five-digit audience numbers.

The musician

Through his musically wide-ranging work Jørg worked in different directions both live and in the studio. On the live stages you could not only hear him locally around Ingolstadt, sondern also several times in Romania, Norway and Riga.

Current live projects

The current live project in collaboration with the Norwegian label SF-RECORDS aims at a promo tour in autumn 2023, where he will present the rock-instrumental program “Fantastic Rock Guitar” with the CD and Vinyl”Train to Drammen” will be performing live in Norway.

Jørg's Blues Live Program”We call it Blues” may be teamed up with the American actor and singer John Renaud from Burbank, California open another chapter. Performances with an American backing band at the local blues festivals are under discussion.

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