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CD "Jørg - Train to Drammen”. 4-track audio CDDA in chromo sulfate cardboard.

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The CD Jørg - Train to Drammen is a maxi-sound CD in collaboration with the Norwegian record label SF-RECORDS (Sentralforlaget) with sound at an extremely high sound level. It contains 4 instrumental songs in Jörgs unmistakable, own rock guitar style. It is produced as a pressed (not copied) CD in a cardboard sleeve (chromo sulfate cardboard) printed on both sides.
This is a limited edition and is mainly based on Jørg's tour of Norway sold.

01 – Six Tears, Norway Edition • 02 – LeeLa, Norway Edition • 03 – DNA, Norway Edition • 04 – Train to Drammen
HERE you will find all information about the Maxi-CD!

The songs on the CD Jørg - Train to Drammen are extra for besonders wide frequency range mastered. That means it's not the “flat sound” like streaming sondern balanced and optimizes your large hi-fi speaker systems at home or in the car. Besonders the deep bass range is clearly present and really puts you in a good mood when you listen to it! The dynamics are of course much better than on the streaming platforms.


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