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CD "Jørg - Torn ”. Audio CDDA in chromosulfate cardboard.

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Here comes my masterpiece CD Jørg - Torn. Released in September 2020 at Dr John's Surgery Records UK.
It contains 11 instrumental songs in the two styles orchestral + hard rock / metal. It will be sent in a double-sided cardboard sleeve.
This is a limited edition with a great sound!

01 - Andante Vivace +++ 02 - Welcome +++ 03 - Andante Lugubre +++ 04 - DNA +++ 05 - Rondo +++ 06 - Hail! to the Glory +++ 07 - LeeLa +++ 08 - Overture +++ 09 - Eo +++ 10 - Final +++ 11 - Six Tears.
HERE you can find all information about this great album!

The songs on the CD Jørg - Torn are extra for besonders wide frequency range mastered. That means it's not the “flat sound” like streaming sondern balanced and optimized for large hi-fi loudspeaker systems. Besonders the deep bass range is clearly present and really puts you in a good mood while listening! And the volume is also significantly higher than when streaming!

Reviews of the album

Here you can find reviews some listeners over the whole CD, published on the shop page of the label “Dr John's Surgery Records” in UK

And I have a great review here about the opener of the album "Jørg - Andante Vivace ”written by Drew Jarvis (Brecon Indie Reviews).

Also is “Andante Vivace” ​​in the Drooble Charts Has been extremely praised and highlighted (ranking in the Top Reviewed Charts!) The review texts are simply overwhelming! So with the CD Jørg - Strike Torn before this Limited Edition is forgottenriffen is. Available ONLY here in the shop!

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