"Jørgs World ”is the name of my weekly program on International Radio Germany. Because for a while now I've been working as a radio host. Every Thursday evening from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (German time) at the Romanian broadcaster “International Radio Deutschland.

Many thanks to Alex Oprea, who runs this station.

Every shipment is different

Every show is a little bit different; once there was a “famous guitarist in the world” special, once I almost exclusively my own songs presented and in another broadcast by “Jørgs World ”on the radio was about“ the greatest rock songs in the 80s ”. If possible, I also like to fulfill listener requests, I just have to know it in time so that I can include it in my broadcast on IRD!

Jørgs World - moderation with heart

Through my moderation with information and stories about music and also about "Jørgs World ”is a relaxed program that also leaves room for smiles and amazement. Many of my fans and friends think I have a perfect radio voice. Of course, you have to find out for yourself whether this is true. So, I'm waiting for you in "Jørgs World ”on IRD in the weekly show!

Now with CHAT during the show!

Just finished: after workChat on my homepage! Here is the link to Chat. Makes you happy!

The radio player for the broadcast

Jørg on International Radio Germany
Every Thursday evening from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (German time). The image link opens a player on your device.

In this show I moderate in German, the music is a mixture of well-known artists and independent or unsigned artists. EXCLUSIVE in German: Jørgs World on IRD. In the "normal" broadcasting time, good music is constantly playing, but without moderation. Alex Oprea is a very politically committed person who likes to stand up for his Romanian fellow citizens and usually carries out his talk show in the evening with many telephone guests.