The facets of the blues

With this first album off 2018 "Jørg - we call it blues”The decision was made to add a separate contribution to the major chapter in the history of music“ blues ”.
This CD contains 12 tracks, with a playing time of almost an hour. This first album "Jørg - We call it BluesRoughly speaking, it contains its own mix with influences from the direction of Jimi Hendrix / Stevie Ray Vaughan.
The CD "Jørg - we call it bluesIs with PA74 appeared.

Together with my fellow musician and drummer Markus Maier, I have created a fantastic work here that (according to the PK newspaper article) “reflects all facets of the blues”. And I'm very proud of the great sound of this album.

Creation of the CD:

I recorded the drums for the album with Markus in our practice room. With 11 channels for drums I was able to integrate Markus' excellent work into the pieces and create a real, lively sound. The rest of the tracks (vocals, guitars, organ) were added in my studio in Ingolstadt. Mixing and mastering took many weeks. Anyone who has ever recorded “real drums” knows how much heart and soul they put into it. Overall, the production took about 6 months - and I would say it was worth it. Convince yourself!

  1. E7 # 9 Joerg Klein 0:30
  2. Little baby Joerg Klein 0:31
  3. Little wing Joerg Klein 0:32
  4. Home Alone Joerg Klein 0:34
  5. She's a woman Joerg Klein 0:32
  6. A little nothing Joerg Klein 0:31
  7. Travel-Shuffle Joerg Klein 0:31
  8. Blues for Two Joerg Klein 0:31
  9. Hold Me Close Joerg Klein 0:32
  10. Best Days of My Life Joerg Klein 0:33
  11. Sentimental Journey Joerg Klein 0:31
  12. Child without soul Joerg Klein 0:31

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Spreading of "Jørg - We call it Blues"

We have since 2018 many live concerts in Germany and Romania, in which we performed the songs of the album to a well-inclined audience. The pieces ran and run on several radio stations around the world. Among other things Rockantenne, Bayern 1, Radio GoFM !,, Bluesartradio (, International Radio Deutschland, (Bucharest), Surgery Records Radio, PowerPlant Radio and debluesradio.

Online sales are done via PA74, my online distributors in Italy. Many thanks to Alessandro and Victoria!

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The next album too 2019 we were able to successfully establish on the radio and on live stages: "Jørg - Angry Road”. Exact information HERE.