With "Jørg - Angry Road”We finally show in 2019 also as a band, what we are made of. Jørg enchants the audience with his “Guitar Magic” and also casts a spell over the last audience in the back row. Markus drums, as dynamic as ever, and shapes the songs with his unmistakably melodic style. With “Locke” on the bass, the bass “armor” a furrow into the audience.
We have a different line-up for Romania: With Marius on bass we have an experienced bass professional who likes to play the guitar lines. He also delivers fantastic performance as a singer. Oana-Iulia, our new addition to the keyboard, is an extremely talented pianist who has dedicated her heart to rock.

Angry Road - the album

Jørg - Angry Road is also the name of our current 180-minute live program. Of course with the titles from "Angry Road","We call it Blues" and "Love!”. As the name of this album suggests,Angry Road"Increasingly in the direction of rock and goes much more forward than the first album"We call it Blues”. Just like that 2018 Here, too, we recorded the drums of fellow musician and friend Markus Maier in the practice room. Real and lively as on the first album. Bomb sound!
As a BesonderI can also tell you the following: Most of the tracks were played on bass by our colleague from Romania, Marius Dumitrescu. And some of the organ parts and solos come from our ex-keyboardist Christian Saal.

Angry Road - on stage

On the live stage, we see ourselves as a four-piece rock band. With the instrumentation guitar / vocals (Jørg), Keyboard (Oana), bass (Locke / Marius) and drums / vocals (Markus), we have successfully proven themselves on various stages in Germany and Romania. HERE go to the article about the Jørg - Angry Road Tour 2019.
Here you can find information about my first BluesRock album "Jørg - We call it Blues".


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Angry Road Trailer

  1. The Monster Jørg 0:30
  2. Gotham City Jørg 0:30
  3. Angry Road Jørg 0:30
  4. In the middle of nowhere Jørg 0:29
  5. Can not let you go Jørg 0:30
  6. Talk to me Jørg 0:30
  7. Sold my soul to Rock'n Roll Jørg 0:31
  8. Dancing Butterfly Jørg 0:31
  9. Singing my songs alone Jørg 0:30

Rock'n Bike Club Sibiu April 21.042019:

Official ANGRY ROAD lyrics video:

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