Did you produce a song? Would you like to forward it to a radio or blog now? This checklist for mp3 should help you to prepare your song correctly. Incorrect bitrates or "compressed to death" songs will be rejected by any radio station that focuses on quality. And just between us: Nobody wants to hear songs in lousy quality anyway. Do you?

Many professional radio stations and promoters require uncompressed 48kHz/24-bit WAV files. You should check that before shipping. (WAV files are many times larger when shipped!!!). However, this is about mp3 files.

□ Rock Songs / Band Songs

This article is about rock music that was recorded and mixed in a classical line-up such as drums - bass guitar - keyboards - vocals. Different rules apply to electronic POP music. To get to know them you are WRONG on this page.

□ Correct genre

The first thing you should check is whether the station/radio show is playing music of your genre at all. Blindly submitting to a list of stations (of which half are wrong or non-existent, according to experience) hardly leads to success. A reggae or pop station probably won't play your rock song.

□ File name

Does your song have a correct filename like “Jørg – Take the Moment.mp3”? Please note this carefully. Your song may end up in an order together with other songs. Two days later nobody knows who owns the song “MyHit2022Master3.mp3”!

□ MP3 tags

Are all mp3 meta tags embedded? Day programs are also available for free on the Internet. Metatags are song name, artist, copyright, cover art, ISRC etc. If the topic is new to you click here.

Mp3 tag software as part of your mp3 checklist

mp3 taggers

□ Bit rate

Is your bitrate set correctly? Your song should have a bitrate of 256kbps -320kbps. In the past, music was often encoded at 64kbps and mono to save space. Not any longer longer.

□ sample rate and bit rate

These two parameters also belong on this checklist for mp3. Although they have been expanded in recent years, I strongly recommend that you work with the worldwide standard to ensure playability on any player. This standard for mp3 is 44,1kHz / 16 bit. You are welcome to use other values, but then Profi Radio will not play them.

□ Dynamic Range

Has your dynamic range been mixed correctly? You can find a description of the delivery in the terms and conditions of each music streaming service. The dynamic range (DR) describes the relationship between volume and compression, i.e. loudness. My recommendation is a DR~10, but NEVER lower than DR~8. Otherwise sounds “crushed” or starts to “pump”. Values ​​above DR12 are typical for dynamic music with many loud and quiet passages. Or for classical music.

Checklist for mp3: Dynamic Range Meter
Dynamic range meter

Frequency Distribution – Frequency Balance

While this isn't part of the mp3 technical checklist, it's definitely something you should discuss with your audio engineer. The distribution of frequencies in a rock song is a subject that many self-proclaimed (or even studied) studio engineers can't cope with. Your song should by no means contain individual frequency bands in the graphical viewsonders protrude, otherwise it would shrill, hum, roar or sneeze. Neither you nor your listeners want that.

Part of the checklist for mp3: frequency distribution in the graphic analyzer

You can easily find out for yourself; open your favorite mp3 player on a monitor you know well (car? computer? hi-fi system?). Now you load two well-known songs from the same genre and place your song between them. At this point at the latest, you will hear exactly whether your song is good or whether you need to have a serious conversation with your sound engineer. Here is an example of a metal song I produced.

Fear Love Hate by Jørg ft. Steve O'Leff


If you find that your song doesn't meet the requirements - especially the frequency distribution - you can save yourself the trouble of submitting your song. Tens of thousands of songs of questionable quality are released every day. These end up as "corpses" on the streaming services or are deleted from radio stations without comment.

When it comes to budget, release a really good acoustic song rather than a bad band production. You are doing yourself and your bandmates a disservice if your song is rejected. Rarely do you get a second chance from a station that has already rejected you.

You are free to use the mp3 check service from my studio / label. The article is here in my shop to find.

Only now comes the question of whether the station / radio show likes your song, loves it and plays it. Without correct mp3's this question will probably never arise. Much luck!