It took over 8 months to reach this point; We finally managed to get Norway Tour 23 off the ground. I go on the road with about 90 minutes of my best rock guitar instrumentals and a few songs with vocals. I designed my songs as official playbacks - every note, every beat, every intro was recorded, mixed and mastered by myself in the studio.

Thanks to my loyal helpers Ruslan Radtchenko, Jan Paulsen and Sigmunn Salomonsen, we were able to secure five locations in the south of Norway. I actually wanted to start in “The Note” in Sandefjord, Norway, but after a few inquiries it turned out that they didn’t want me there. The reason remains a mystery.


My music on Spotify

To get you in the mood while you buy your tickets, I have put together a playlist on Spotify for you here:

The dates of the Norway Tour 23

We have created the following dates for the Norway Tour 23 in great locations for you. Ticket sales starts on 13 September:

Saturday November 14th – Big Ben Tønsberg

The concert starts at 21 pm, concert tickets are exclusively leads over Michael in Big Ben available. I am very happy to play for you in this cozy environment. Michael is also looking forward to the evening. He speaks German quite well and sees me as a good opportunity to use his knowledge of German.

Big Ben is an iconic, quaint pub and restaurant in the heart of Tønsberg, the oldest capital in Norway. I will bring you photos of Tønsberg and the surrounding area!

Sunday November 15th – Samfunnshus Mjøndalen

This Sunday we can welcome you from 17 p.m. The concert starts at 18 pm. Sound support from DJ LaRom, We get beverage support from SOLBERG ELVA PUB & BISTRO. The Concert tickets you can only get it here

The biggest challenge of the tour awaits us here in Mjøndalen, because contrary to our expectations there is neither a sound nor a lighting system. My friend Ruslan brought Roman (DJ LaRom) on board, and was then able to get the owner of the Solberg Elva Pub & Bistro to join the team.

That means we will set up and dismantle this Sunday. It would be great if we could fill most of the 350 places. It would be even better if we could just have a great evening with a fantastic concert together.

Wednesday November 18th – Nordic Black Theatre, Oslo

A very besondern night of the Norway Tour we celebrate at the Nordic Black Theater (Cafeteatret) in Oslo. Concert tickets are only available at Nordic Black Theatre itself. The doors there open at 18 p.m., the concert starts at 19 p.m.

Jørg on Norway Tour 2023 - soon in the Nordic Black Theater
The Nordic Black Theater in the heart of Oslo.

Friday November 20th – MoRo Kulturpub, Flateby

Admission to the MoRo Kulturpub is at the usual time, the concert starts at 21 p.m. Concert tickets are available there MoRo cultural pub in Flateby.

The bar at MoRo Kulturpub in Flateby

Saturday November 21st – Charlie's Diner, Spydeberg

The tour ends at Charlie's. Since it's a Saturday, we don't start the concert until 23 p.m. Concert tickets are available at the door and also in advance here at Charlie's Diner. I'm really excited about the location because I've heard a lot about it from my friend Jan Paulsen. Apparently different ROc and metal bands play at Charlie's all the time and I'm happy to be able to leave my “brand” there too.


With friendly support from MELODIC RADIO We will probably bring shirts, hoodies and CDs to every concert. Then it will be “Train to Drammen” or “Dreaming of a Blue Fly” t-shirts and zip hoodies!

Train to Drammen

My CD”Train to Drammen” was the origin and starting point for planning the tour. You can get the CD directly from the Norwegian label SF-Records (sentralforlaget(at), or you can also order it in mine Shop buy.

However, it would be a great pleasure if you met me with one Shopping in my shop already supported in advance. There you will also find hoodies, mugs, t-shirts and my CDs (my blues era even as combined package). Thank you very much – see you soon. I am counting on you and look forward to the concert evenings together!