“Dreaming Of A Blue Fly” – yes, some people might smile. The song is a very successful rock guitar instrumental with which I would like to say a little thank you. The music of great guitarists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and Marty Friedman electrified and inspired me from the start.

Dreaming of a Blue Fly on Spotify. Two versions of one amazing song

Covers are stupid

Now I'm not the guitarist who likes to cover songs. Through my ongoing guitar lessons, I analyze and dissect music daily to break it down into learnable chunks. I learn a lot from this, but it is precisely because of this that I always strive to create my own pieces.

Dreaming of a Blue Fly – Lydian

So does “Dreaming of a Blue Fly”. The main theme (and thus the first recordings) was actually intended to be much slower. The piece developed very quickly with a much higher speed. It was a challenge at first, as it was my first attempt at walking in the Lydian key. It takes some getting used to at first, but creates a surprising feel-good atmosphere.

Jørg and the fly

I based a few of the solo elements on a well-known song; I had a lot of fun producing the piece. I then rounded it off with a fly sample. I think at the latest with this element you can see the wink with which I wrote “Dreaming of a Blue Fly” about my own label mx-pro records have published.

The funny cover photo

The funny cover photo comes from my eager guitar student Isabell O., who decided to do it at short notice despite a lack of time during her studies. Thank you very much here, I think it's great!

The direct successor

I feel "Dreaming of a blue Fly" as a direct successor and further development of my work on the EP "Train to Drammen“. Espsondere when I think of “LeeLa”, which seems to me like a question to the answer “Dreaming of a blue Fly”. But this is probably a subjective feeling that you, as a keen listener of music, may not share. I would be very happy to receive comments on this article, as well as to subscribe to my newsletter. This means you will receive news from me as soon as a new blog article appears.

Why two versions of the song?

This question is very easy to answer. The longer version is the actual original piece, as I originally conceived it. But since I know about the displeasure of streaming listeners, I shortened large parts of the solo part in order to get the piece to a length that can be played on the radio. Plus, I think, such a short piece at just 2:37m might whet your appetite for more.

On tour with every piece

With every new rock instrumental I move more confidently in this type of music. When I record the next instrumental, I'll probably have a lot more experience. Because next up is my “Norway Tour” in October of this year (2023). Stay tuned!

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