RED House (Hendrix Tribute)

The Red House

Presented with RED HOUSE mx-pro records proud of the recent release in collaboration with John Reneaud from Burbank, California and Jørg from Germany. The two of them set out to create a very besondere blues cover version of a Jimi Hendrix original. This track is a tribute to one of the greatest guitarists and musicians of all time. We have strived to incorporate his energy and passion into our interpretation. I hope you will enjoy RED HOUSE as much as we did creating it. This masterpiece was released worldwide on May 31, 2023.

The musicians John Reneaud & Jørg

Acclaimed singer and actor from Burbank, California, John Reneaud is known for his unique style that focuses on blues and country. In contrast, is Jørg better known for his fat guitar sounds and catchy instrumentals, but shows his affinity to the blues again.

RED HOUSE (Hendrix Tribute) by John Reneaud & Jørg


John Reneaud is known for his music, which combines blues, rock and the occasional touch of funk. He is a talented singer who delights audiences with his energetic performance. Also here in RED HOUSE his voice is full of passion and expressiveness. With his music he takes the audience on an emotional journey. Jørg's guitar playing is characterized by fast runs and powerful Riffs reminiscent of the greats of blues and rock. His style pays homage to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, while adding his own unique sound. If John's voice and Jørg's guitar playing comes together to create a rough, harmonious mix of blues, rock and soul. The two manage to move and inspire the audience with their music. Although both have been on stage for many years, they are still full of passion and energy, making them two of the best live performers in the current music landscape. RED HOUSE perhaps even shows a further, higher level of their cooperation.

studio experience

It takes a great deal of studio experience to achieve a high quality sound mix like here in RED HOUSE. Through the use of modern digital tools, in conjunction with selected analog studio components, the various soundtracks are fused and processed to create a balanced and powerful sound.

Jørg uses his years of experience in music production to perfectly tune the sound and emphasize the emotional components of the song. This creates a sound mix that captivates the listener and makes the musical experience even more intense.

Previous releases by John & Jørg

RED HOUSE isn't the first collaboration between the two brilliant musicians. You might also be interested in this: John Reneaud & Jørg with their publication “Pluto Gods Vol. I”.

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