With Train to Drammen My instrumental EP will see the light of day on February 17, 2023. And actually that's fantastic news because this EP will be released primarily in Norway. Of course it is available on all platforms worldwide, but now for the first time my instrumental music is available on the Norwegian record company SENTRALFORLAGET and its owner Sigmunn Salomonsen. A maxi CD and later a vinyl maxi single are also planned!

Here you can get the EP Train to Drammen stream on @Spotify:

Spotify Player with “Train to Drammen"

How did that come about?

Last October I was lucky enough to be part of the first Rise Up Tv festival in Sandefjord, Norway, to present my program “Phantastic Rock Guitar” to a new audience (you can find the festival report here HERE).

The backside of Jørg's forthcoming maxi CD”Train to Drammen"

Energy flow

It was a great flow of energy so I can say I found my audience for the guitar instrumentals. In Norway, people still value guitar music and homemade songs. So of course I'll try to do a tour in Norway as soon as possible.

The songs of the EP Train to Drammen

“Six Tears” – the first song I recorded in the studio many years ago. Here in the 2023 version exclusively on this EP. A song where the guitar cries!

“LeeLa” – a mid-tempo song in memory of a person I used to know. With this song I present some new playing techniques that I've worked on lately.

“DNA” – brand new version of the 2021 release with a new melody that wraps around the circle of fifths like a helix. Best sound ever!

And of course the theme song”Train to Drammen”. For the first time a piece with a clean sound melody à la Steve Vai! Let me invite you to a ride on the Airport Express from Oslo to Drammen. We start in the train wagon, and you hear how the noise of the rails has turned into a drum rhythm for me. At the end I let you go with the opening of the doors - terminus in Drammen, Norway.

The cover of Jørg Train to Drammen. Illustration of a train in the tunnel running on guitar strings.

By the way, you can have the CD HERE IN MY SHOP order! I'm happy, you are too other songs from me to bring it close.

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