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Welcome to this blog post called Darkness Reviews Interview. The Brecon Indie Reviews team took on my EP 'Darkness'. It's always extremely exciting for me what professional musicians can say about my music. There are usually links and combinations that I would not have thought of myself.

The songs of the 'Darkness' EP

The four songs of the EP are a product of my "dark" side, a lot of lifeblood from my "metal heart" is contained in these pieces. Some of the songs and recordings date back to 2014 when this journey began for me. Through the trials and tribulations of the years, I was always able to work on it briefly, but other productions always came to the fore.

Have a listen!

At this point, the four songs that the “Darkness Reviews Interview” is about. I released it on December 1st, 2022 via my label MX-pro records. The player plays the music from my @Spotify account. Listen to the songs while reading the reviews!

Jørg - Darkness. The EP on @Spotify

Darkness - the dark side

I was never sure if the four songs that found so much resonance here in the “Darkness Reviews Interview” would also be presented in the right light. It's a bit of self-exposure to bring your own requiem (“Remember Me”) or the tormenting tinnitus (“Noise”) to the public. In “I”, the opener of the EP, I imagined what it would be like to move as an “evil spirit” into someone else's dreams. Maybe I had a little “Nightmare on Elm Street” in mind when I composed the song.

My first metal cover

Actually, I've always avoided recording cover songs. One makes oneself measurable, and usually cannot come close to the original. For this EP I made an exception - Black Sabbath's “Children of the Grave”. Because of my work as a guitar teacher, I'm also in contact with the younger generation. Current events and happenings here in Germany also made me want to express myself. The lyrics of “Children of the Grave” reflect that quite well, and my level of mixing/mastering has, in my opinion, enough potential to present my own version of this Metal classic. But read more about it in the following PDF documents. I think this Darkness Reviews Interview article covers most if not all aspects of this production. Thanks again to Mary, Drew, MWS and Paul!

Darkness Reviews & Interview

The Brecon Indie Reviewer Team that wrote the fascinating lines about my EP “Darkness”

Review Mary Wood

“… Darkness' shall cause true, all-age headbangers to really go whack- those who crave thrash such as early Brit, subgenre-jumpers Judas Priest and Iron Maiden as well as buzz up hearing some cutting-edge sounds …”.

“… straight up, this is one of the best, truly Hard Rock/Metal EPs I've heard. If you like Rock you'll really enjoy this, if you're a prog thrasher you'll love it …”. Read more in this PDF:

Darkness Reviews Interview – Paul McDonnell

“… Perhaps unsurprisingly this is exactly the top-notch writing, playing, performance,
production and overall professional stylistic perfection that you'd expect from Jørg. hard
guitar rock just doesn't get better than this…”.

“… “Noise” takes us to a Led Zeppelin landscape of sound with the raw emotion of the vocalist
bursting from the track like sounds bursting within his own head, complete with a tinnitus like piercing sustain that opens and closes the track …”. Read more in this PDF:

Review Drew Jarvie

“… finishing the EP is Noise which has a cracking bass line that pushes the song
along, again the theme is death but it isn't all doom and gloom. The chorus has
a stadium rock band feel, almost anthemic …”. Read more in this PDF:

Review Mad Wet Sea

“… a fitting follow up is a Children of the Grave, originally by Black Sabbath. If Iommi wasn't proud of Remember Me, surely, he is now …”. Read More in this PDF:

Interview Mary Wood

“… my stomach gasped rather in delight when I learned that Pink Floyd's “The Wall” album had a big impact on his sound, also one of my most beloved albums! Hard Rockers/Metal Bands such as KISS, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and other Metal Monsters tap his soul and are threading influences in his music …”.

“… Jorg's holding it rather close to the cuff answering questions about his new EP! I asked him to describe something funny that happened during the creation and in response-
“Germans don't have a sense of humor!”. He made me laugh, so that did it. I also know he has a great sense of humor and a very contagious smile …”


Jorg loves performing live, rules with his guitar and vocals, carrying every influence he has
absorbed into his own distinctive skill set and sound.
He has a great old school rocker sound enhanced by the newest techniques that land him on
quite the pedestal…”. Read more in this PDF:

I hope you enjoyed this long Darkness Reviews Interview article. I would be very happy if you recommend it or link it. I am always grateful for any kind of support. After all, I did a tremendous job with this EP, didn't I?

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