The Shrubs - No more bad days - Analysis

1.) Meta tags and file names

Bandname and Songname in the FilenameYes
Cover artwork embeddedYes
Cover artwork contains song/bandYes
Cover artwork 3000x3000pxYes
Genre embeddedRock
Composer embeddedThe Shrubs
Lyricist embeddedNo
Artist name embeddedYes
ISRC embeddedNo
Year of release2022
Editor/Publisher embeddedNo
Album name embeddedNo
Copyright entryNo
mp3 bandwidth44,1kHz
mp3 bitrate320kbps
Meta tags in the song

Dynamic range and peaks

Dynamic Range

Dynamic Range -8 to -12- 8.7
Peak between -1 to 0dbNo.
OK for Airplayyes
OK for prof. radioNo.

True peak in the song

True peak meter

Frequency Range

frequency spectrum

overall report

The song is almost balanced – the bass guitar has a peak on ~80Hz which makes it slightly boom and hard to hear on smaller devices / speakers. There could be +3db more on ~8kHz to refresh the overall sound.

The guitars do not take place in the area ~200-400Hz, which makes it hard to identify. All vocals and guitars mainly share the frequencies from ~500Hz to 4kHz. Could be better balanced.

The maximum true peak measured in the song is around +0,6db, which is over and can lead to distortion on some devices.

The stereo basis is well balanced. Switched to mono the background voices and the rhythm guitars dissapear. Have a look at your mono compatibility.

The vocals are out of timing in the final chorus around 02:14m.

My subjective opinion

It's a great and fresh song, the band seems to know what they're doing. "No more bad days" has a good amount of variety, which makes it interesting for a listener. The guitars should take more place ~300Hz to keep the transparency and balance.

hit potential****
mixing / mastering ***
OK for Airplay****
Jørg's subjective opinion