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On October 15, 2022 I was able to establish my "Phantastic Rock Guitar" set live. I had the great honor of opening the first Rise Up TV festival in Sandefjord, Norway. “The Note” offers two venues – a small, intimate blues stage in the basement (where I played my songs) and a large band stage on the first floor (where I then played around midnight as part of “The Mighty One” performed again).
The songs ran almost perfectly, and the atmosphere in the room was so open, so positive that I've rarely experienced before. Thank you, my new Norwegian friends. I'll be back, that's for sure!

Jørg's phantastic rock guitar - that was also the name of the live streaming event on July 31.7.2022, 30. Here I present you the best instrumentals and songs I have composed over the last 40 years. With over XNUMX tickets sold, I rate this event as a great success!

Made a virtue out of necessity

The idea of ​​performing a playback set basically came out of necessity. The landlord needed our practice room for something else, so the band broke up for the time being. That's the sad part.

High quality playback

The positive part is that I have all the means and opportunities to generate high quality playbacks from my songs. While it felt strange at first to work without the bandmates, over the course of countless hours of practice with the set, I got a taste for it. And that's how the idea for “phantastic rock guitar” came about.


As a perfectionist that I am, I can now present my songs exactly as I composed them. Without compromises, without restrictions. There's a real feeling and concentrated power!

my stories

There is a story about me in each of my songs. “EO” is a requiem, “Monster” reveals a lot about my character, “Welcome” brings out my inner energy, “LeeLa” is an artistic portrait of a person, and with the “Orchestral pieces” I can also express my love for Finally live out the classics.

The song list mainly contains rock instrumental pieces, but there are also a few sung songs, such as “Monster“. Lots of music from mine Album TORN comes into its own for the first time.

new sounds

In order to be able to present the pieces with a really fat sound, I built a new rock guitar setup. Since extra pieces of luggage are expensive later on in the plane or train, I found a way to reduce them.

Only floorboard and guitar

Floorboard + guitar are all I absolutely need. I am flexible enough (thanks to digital sound components) to be able to perform with or without amplifiers and speakers. Yes - this streaming concert is intended to be the start of a concert series! Best of Jørg, you could also call it, I call it “Jørg's Fantastic Rock Guitar".

Now fan of digital amps

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm actually not a fan of digital amplifiers. But technology has made great strides. Amplifiers are no longer simulated sondern equipped with measured profiles. Loudspeaker boxes are also provided with measured (impulse response) signals. This enables 90% originality in the sound.

My new digital floorboard for the “Phantastic Rock Guitar” show

Fantastic Rock Guitar tour planning

Well, what more can I say – the sound is set, the set for “Jørg's Phantastic Rock Guitar” is created – we're ready to go. At the moment I'm working with a small, elite team of Norwegians to plan a tour for March. I will keep you up to date!


The plans for March now turned into a small tour with 5 gigs in the south of Norway. It starts on October 13, 2023. More on that later.

Jørg aka jorgfromgermany

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