Fear Love Hate is part of this album: Here on BANDCAMP you can support our project and buy the album “ARTISTS4PEACE” and donate to the Ukrainians. The album was curated by the way Tim Steinruck by the Canadian band The Mighty One.

Artists4Peace - an album as a fundraiser for Ukraine. Fear Love Hate is part of it

After the successful song and video production for “We Are United” (Global Metalists United) it turned out that there was still a free song slot on the album ARTISTS4PEACE. So I contacted Steve O'Leff, the singer and guitarist for the successful Canadian band Rockin' Engine with the idea for Fear Love Hate. He liked it so much that he revised the text and we produced this brilliant metal song together.

The sound production took place within a few days - and shortly afterwards Steve presented the video he had produced. In short - both song and video hit the topic 100%. Breathtaking, that's what I would call this station wagon.

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Fear Love Hate is the (fictional) story of a soldier who suddenly finds himself in a war. Defending the homeland is his intention. But even when the war is long over, he still hears the hammering of the cannons and sees the horrific images of the fallen comrades.

Here is the brilliant video edited by Steve O'Leff from Canada.

Jørg ft. Rockin' Engine – Fear Love Hate