Jørg's World on Melodicradio – that means live broadcasting for the first time for me. The radio station “lives” in Bremen and is managed by Mario Mielke. This takes you directly to the broadcaster's website.

Everyone's favorite studio couch featuring the famous chef from The Muppet Show.

The opportunity arose through my radio colleague Steffen Stotz, who hosts a great radio show on the station every Monday under his nickname “Luchs”. That is the ROCK CORNER.

Jørg on Melodic Radio

Jørg's World on Melodicradio - on a live radio show, everything happens very spontaneously, there are sometimes "mishaps" involved 🙂 - that's why it's real and live! Every now and then I also manage to respond directly to listener requests by email (jorgsworld(at)melodicradio.eu) or WhatsApp. Much to the delight of my many listeners.

Melodicradio is accessible via web, satellite and DAB. There's even a mobile app.

The "big" show

My “big” pre-produced show Jørg's World continues to play well on PowerPlant Radio (Canada), Plutoradio (Los Angeles) and EuroIndieMusic (Europe). I also feature indies there every week to support new and independent bands. This show usually has nothing to do with the live show.


Which music?

As usual I play in Jørg's World Music from my archive, basically everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top. Maybe not always the hits, but also songs from an album that didn't make it into the top ten.

There are songs that have influenced me in my career as a musician and guitarist, both instrumental and “normal” songs. However, I also like to play brand new releases from the rock and metal area. With preference Whitesnake, Powerwolf, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Avantasia, and all the other big artists and bands that regularly show us “where the hammer hangs”.

Independent artists

In order to support the colleagues from the "indie faction" I work together with various agencies and also the "Brecon Indie Reviews". Only the best productions make it onto my show – I owe that to my listeners. And that goes for the “big” Jørg's World as well as for the live broadcast Jørg's World on Melodicradio.

Have fun listening and banging along!