We are United - Global Metalists United (GMU) - a wonderful project in which I was allowed to play a big role. All threads ran here with me in the Studio mx-pro records together. Of course it was a lot of work sorting through all the audio and video snippets from artists from all over the world and making them sound good, but from my point of view it was worth every minute.

The video for Global Metalists United – We Are United

We are United – the pre-production incl. drum programming, guitar tracks and the guide track by Tim Steinruck from Canada was fun and also a great challenge. The finished pre-production, broken down into time indices, went to all the artists involved, who in turn made studio recordings and sent me the results. The aim of the whole campaign is to collect donations for Ukraine and to send them to the International Red Cross. But it also brought us together as artists and a unique anthem was born: We Are United!
Here on BANDCAMP you can support our project and buy the album “ARTISTS4PEACE” and donate to the Ukrainians. WE ARE UNITED is part of this album:

Artists4Peace - The album also includes We Are United

We Are United – the text idea

This metal anthem was created based on the basic idea of ​​providing help to the affected people in Ukraine with our means. Geir Miranda (Metal band manager VIKING QUEEN from Norway) felt moved to write a song about unity and cohesion.

Geir Miranda from Norway

melody and Riff to the song

Next, the lyrics found their way to our longtime friend and genius musician Tim Steinruck (aka The Mighty One from Canada). Tim was so excited about the idea of ​​making a multicultural contribution to the current wartime emergency that he recorded the song's melody in his studio along with a few rudimentary guitar chords and hints of choir passages and sent me the WE ARE UNITED guide track.

Tim Steinruck from Canada

Finishing and finishing touches

As already described above, the fine work was done by me in Germany in the studio MX-pro records. Pre-production of the song, coordination and editing of the recordings (guitars, bass, drums, vocals and choir recordings). And finally the powerful mix.

Jørg Klein from Germany

Many artists from all over the world

Many artists from all over the world have collaborated on WE ARE UNITED. The song was released and published by the label Sentralforlaget in Norway.

Kai Somby, Francis Lecquian Tim Steinruck: vocals
Samuli Federley: Guitars
Jørg Klein: Guitars
Henk de Graaf: Guitars
Robert Hoffstaetter: Guitars
Andreas Wilhelmsen: Guitars
Roy Sandaker: Bass
Jan Paulsen: Drums
Anet Ducharme, Ceora Tracey, Geir Miranda, John Reneaud Jørg, Francis Lecquian and Sherise D` Souza: Choir
Text: Geir Miranda. Composition: Tim Steinruck, Jørg Klein.
Cover artwork: Henk de Graaf.
Produced and engineered by Jørg Klein Mx Pro records, Germany . Analog recordings by
Robert Hauge in Horten Studio, Norway.