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The Brecon Indie Reviews Team has taken on the PLUTO GODS EP. I can't quite believe what great reports and even a two-part interview came out of it. Also a PRESS RELEASE VIDEO you can take a look! You MUST read this! Thank you so much Mary, Drew, Paul and Mad Wet Sea! either read here on the Brecon Indie Reviews page or also:
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Review Mary Wood

I'll be there

Teaser “I'll be there” – Jørg with John Reneaud

Review Paul McDonnell

Lost five times

Teaser “Five Times Lost” – Jørg with John Reneaud

Review Drew Jarvie

Secrets of life

Teaser “Secrets of Life” – Jørg with John Reneaud

Review Mad Wet Sea

Teaser Electrify me

Teaser “Electrify me” – Jørg with John Reneaud

Interview Mary Wood Part 1

Interview Mary Wood Part 2

More information about the songs Jørg or John Reneaud? Here is a Cornerstone article on this!

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