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The official release date was March 13, 2022. You can listen to the EP on your favorite service via the following link: https://songwhip.com/jorg/pluto-gods-vol-1. Released on my label by the way MX Pro Records.

The Brecon Indie Reviews Team has taken on the PLUTO GODS EP. I can't quite believe the great reviews and even a two-part interview that came out of it. You MUST read this! Many many thanks to that Brecon Indie Reviews Team Mary, Drew, Paul and Mad Wet Sea! Also a Press release video (by Brecon Indie Reviews) you can have a look!

What is that supposed to be, Pluto Gods?

Pluto Gods Vol. 1 - that's the name of my first wonderful EP together with the American singer, actor and radio host JOHN RENEAUD. It took many months of detailed work to create the sound and feel of the 5 songs exactly as they were created in our heads. When developing the guitar tracks, I pulled out all the stops that are available to me after more than 30 years of playing the guitar. In the main solos alone I worked, practiced and developed myself over and over again for more than 6 months. This EP is chronologically the second major work after "Jørg - Torn', my instrumental album. So if you appreciate virtuoso guitar work and rock music, you've come to the right place!

Five tracks on the EP

EP Pluto Gods Vol. 1 contains 5 tracks, one of which will be double released. I'LL BE THERE also exists (as track #5) in a version in which JARED ASHER, the drummer of LOVE BATTALION from Indianapolis drummed his perception of the song. So you can decide for yourself which of the two versions you like best. Thank you for the phenomenal work Jared!

I'll be there

Jørg with John Reneaud - I'll be there - The music video for the song

I'LL BE THERE is about the safe haven that a parent offers their child. "...when your ship has been wrecked, and your sails are all torn - I'll be there...". The assertive, warm and friendly tone of John's voice combines with my guitar to make an unforgettable statement. This ballad will also be accompanied by a video for the Pluto Gods EP, produced by John at home in Los Angeles. Maybe I'LL BE THERE will give you some comfort and peace too? I think I can rightly say that this song comes from the heart and you can hear it!
The instrumentation, as with the other songs, consists of six and seven-string guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals.

Lost five times

FIVE TIMES LOST, the fourth song on Pluto Gods Vol. 1, is about things in life that you might not be comfortable with. Life must go on, and no matter how often you feel lost - there are always new ways to find and tread. And if you get involved and let many of your worries go away, then it's good and right. "... all is well ...".
The play begins in total chaos, with street noise, jackhammers, drums and horns. Then a rain washes away the mess and the piano begins. FIVE TIMES LOST is divided into three sections carried by a piano theme. In the first part John tells his point of view, part two is my interpretation with the guitar. Section three is also quite besonders, because my longtime friend and former bandmate CHRISTIAN SAAL from Ingolstadt describes his point of view with the help of an emotional synth solo. Thank you for this enrichment, dear Christian!

Secrets of life

Unconventional - that's what you could call SECRETS OF LIFE. (However, none of the songs on Pluto Gods Vol. 1 are really conventional). With the band and the music, I created a powerful background that John soothes with his voice. Pure fifth chords and syncopated rhythms as well as odd beats are certainly not easy to digest, but John starts with his wonderfully warm and deep voice, inviting us to sit down and calm down. “… life can give you so much more – go and get what you've waited for. Just reach out and take it, conquer the secrets of life …”.

Electrify me

Jørg with John Reneaud - Electrify Me, Song #1 on the EP PLUTO GODS

The song ELECTRIFY ME actually came into being 2020, well before the Pluto Gods EP, as the first collaboration between John and me. My job was to find a matching guitarriff to contribute to the song. This gave the original song framework a whole new twist, far removed from the original template. For me personally, all the suffering of the Covid pandemic manifests itself in ELECTRIFY ME, and John describes various phenomena and thoughts in it, probably from the point of view of an affected person. It ends with “… the nurse smiled as she plugs the machine into the wall …”

PLUTO GOD John Reneaud

left: Jørg +++ right: John Reneaud

From Detroit to LA, John Reneaud is known for his sublime and artful vocal approach across multiple musical genres. Including blues, rock and jazz as well as music with a progressive rock vibe. In recent years he has been playing clubs around Hollywood, both with the imaginative jazz duo Marty & Elayne and with his rock/blues band The Electric Shamans. Today he is happy, as a member of the Pluto-Gods, to take the stage with the fantastic German guitar virtuoso Jørg to share.


Jørg is known for the different styles of music he works with. From the creator of the two successful blues rock albums "We call it Blues"And"Angry Road’, from the classic rock album ‘Love!", the EP "Slide Fusion' and the great power metal concept album 'Aeternom - Fight for the Kingdom' 2020 the instrumental album "TORN". With the ability to play and produce everything himself in his own studio, the new album was born with no restrictions. As a live musician he played 2018 / 2019 on several stages in Romania, Latvia, Italy and Germany. He is a certified and authorized electric guitar music teacher as well as an award-winning musician.
With this new project PLUTO GODS he shows a new, wonderful facet of his guitar art together with the wonderful John Reneaud.

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