Finding Irene

With Emily Glazener - Finding Irene an album with 12 tracks came on the market, which with a stylistic abundance has something in store for every listener. Based on the acoustic guitar (which is also represented in every title), every single song is source material in the directions of country as well as rock. If you want to convince yourself: Below you will find streaming links to the songs.

Media release

The official “Media Release” in PDF format (in English) can be found at the bottom of the page for reading and downloading.

Emily Glazener

Emily Glazener has been singing and playing live music since she was a teenager. Over the years she was in various cover bands. She had both solo acoustic shows and the post of lead singer for Red Iris, an independent rock band from Houston, Texas, USA

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At the end of 2021 she released her first solo album called FINDING IRENE. The two titles were published beforehand "Spotlight”, Followed by“ Merry Christmas, a happy one too ”. Both were released as singles on the label MX-PRO RECORDS published.

Emily's goal

Emily's goal is to reach, uplift, encourage and inspire people all over the world with her music. Her philosophy is "... I think if you smile at someone, most people will smile back ...".

The album

The album Emily Glazener - Finding Irene contains 12 songs including an extended album version of "Spotlight". All songs are based on the acoustic guitar and are produced in different line-ups. Elements are rock guitar, Hammond organ, brass and string ensembles, mostly played with drums and bass. The whole album has a really unique sound - in a style somewhere between alternative rock, modern country rock and singer / songwriter.

Jørg Klein

While Emily fully concentrated on writing the songs and lyrics as well as recording the vocals Jørg from Germany arranged the songs and recorded all the instruments that can be heard on the album. Each song was communicated over the Internet until Emily was completely satisfied with it. So that a solo album could come into being that comes straight from the heart. The album Emily Glazener - Finding Irene was released on December 23, 2021 Jørgs label "MX-pro records".

Media Release - PDF for professionals

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