This week an indie killer show with bands from 2021 in Jørg's World Radioshow # 71 (December 15th up to and including December 19th) At the end of the show an ALBUM PLAY by Black Sabbath (Mob Rules) and Def Leppard (Hysteria). Hey artists - a damn good opportunity for you to make your fans aware of the radio show !!!
The songs with * = selected and transmitted by Brecon Indie Reviews


1JørgSlidin 'Christmas
2Hollow Sky Into the Ground *
3 3 Mind Blight The Vanishing Kingdom *
4 Julian Cash MillerHammerhead *
5Julian Cash MillerLand of the black swans *
6Blind fold experienceFly *
7Yard of BlondesDo you need more *
8The saboteursBelieve nothing hurts *
9RippedWater *
10Fiction SyxxBleed for the Truth *
11Corners of SanctuaryCasualties of War *
12Broken to BraveClarity *
13Abby KRock the rock *
14Mad Wet SeaFree *
15Stonecold CanadaFollow Me *
16Red IrisStay*
17Sophie DorstenReceipts *
18Bad MaryAddicted *
19Grungy NorrisUnholy Jane *
20ByronSmithBe Brave *
21Black SabbathTurn up the night
22Country girl
24Def LeppardLove and Affection

2 hours of mercilessly good music in Jørg's World Radioshow # 71! I think it's a good idea to review this musical year again. The quality of the bands is mostly indistinguishable from expensive “major label” productions. This year I got to know many good and brave musicians and introduced them to you in collaboration with Mary Wood (Brecon Indie Reviews). Enjoy it!

Of course, I was only able to make a random selection here, because unfortunately the large number of bands does not fit into a two-hour program. But ultimately all selected pieces of music are in the highest possible audio quality. And that's what I stand for: high quality rock music. Once more on this radio show # 71!

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