Finally the time has come - Jørg - Midnight Dancer featuring Tim Steinruck is published worldwide! What takes a long time is finally going to be good, and much better than I ever expected. Here you have the link to MIDNIGHT DANCER on different platforms.

My new friends

2020 I had the opportunity to get to know many brilliant artists all over the world through my streaming shows. Was there too Tim Steinruck, Leader and initiator of the hard rock band "The Mighty One”From British Columbia, Canada. For the first time we met at my "Rock Masters Streaming Show", And I have to say that Tim is not only a great artist, sondern also has an impressive personality.

Jørg featuring Tim Steinruck: “Midnight Dancer”. Cover artwork by Laurentiu Ciorgan.

Tim Steinruck

The greater my joy was when Tim agreed to play the vocals for my "Jørg - Midnight Dancer ”. Already when composing the title I had a smoky voice á la Sammy Hagar in my ear - but I had no idea that this song would be formally tailored for Tim. Who needs a Sammy Hagar when he is Tim Steinruck on the microphone!

A few months have passed since then; The Mighty One have released an album that causes a great stir around the world: THE TORCH OF ROCK'N ROLL. Convince yourself! I opened my own record label myself: mx-pro records. As a result, I can now respond to collaborations much more flexibly and also design my own songs more spontaneously.


I originally wrote the song to point out to my older daughter to be hard at school so as not to end up as a bitter “Midnight Dancer” later (which obviously worked, because she now holds the master's title in the hairdressing trade).
With the guitar solo from the "Jørg - Midnight Dancer ”I got my diploma as an official music teacher for guitar in popular music.

Great sound

I hope you like the great sound; although the "Jørg - Midnight Dancer ”is a classic rock song, but I did everything to mix a fresh and modern sound. You can hear polyphonic chants, 7-string and 6-string guitar, bass, drums and also a little synthesizer in the chorus parts. The cover artwork comes from my friend Laurentiu Ciorgan from Ramnicu Valcea (Romania). Many thanks to Laurentiu and especially to Tim. Thank you for making this song a precious gem!