Who the heck is Jørg? Well that seems like a good question. Although I'm sure, on the Internet and in social media Jørg's World more than being present, DJ Grant from Galaxy107fm from New Zealand obviously had trouble finding out details about me. I want to change that with this article 🙂

The usual story

My life story reads like that of most musicians on this planet: I had my first guitar lessons at the age of 9, my first electric guitar (a pretty cream-colored “Winner” Les Paul) I got from my parents for confirmation (Protestant), den I had my first appearance at a kindergarten party (yes, there are a few photos of them that do not really reach fame for a rock star, LOL), my first song in a band, then at the age of ~ 15 years, was “Proud Mary” by CCR.

A Few Dollars More

My cousin, a really cool guy named Bernd, was a fan of “Smokie” - whose music really impressed me. “San Francisco Bay”, “A Few Dollars More” or “Mexican Girl” are songs that I still enjoy listening to. Perfectly produced, brilliant choir voices and above all lead singer Chris Norman with his smoky voice - fascinating (as Lt. Spock would say).

Jørg - Live events Europe
Jørg - Poster of Liveevents Europe 2019

Encounter with hard rock

The very first encounter with hard rock music, which I love and cultivate to this day, happened on a vinyl LP. That was a sampler with very different artists on it that I actually only bought because it said “Rappers Delight”. That this was a temporary aberration of taste became clear very quickly. Because the last title on the A-side came from a (until then) unknown Australian band called AC / DC. That started my journey into hard rock and metal. Not long after that followed the “Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden, the “Dynasty” by Kiss, and of course the brilliant music of David Coverdale and his Whitesnake. It should now be clear to everyone where my roots are.

Practice, practice, practice!

Conveniently, my then buddy Tom was a huge fan of the Beatles Complete songbook. We played the songs with our acoustic guitars at every possible opportunity; At home, on the street, in the school building. I think with this I learned the chord changes in no time. The big rush on the electric guitar came much later; a friend and great guitarist named Alex Espinosa presented me with the album “Odyssey” by Yngwie J. Malmsteen. At first I thought it was impressive, but not overly impressivesonderIt should take a few weeks for the ballad “Dreaming” to ignite in my head. With that I discovered my love for classical and neoclassical - baroque music in the Heavy Metal Garment. Practice, practice, practice was the order of the day. With the band “Vincent” (with really brilliant musician colleagues) there were a handful of performances that were probably very inspiring for some of the guitarists in the audience. The first requests for guitar lessons came in. I was around 22 years old at the time.

Jørg - On the Brezoi Blues Open Air July 2018

Up and down at work

In the next few years it went up and down. I only practiced my apprenticeship as an electrician for a short time, then I ended up in the printing industry via detours. I acquired the necessary knowledge for screen printing, later for offset printing, digital exposure of print templates, desktop publishing with the first computers (Atari C16, +4, Intel Pentium 75 !!!) and started my own business. My first jobs with my own company (from 1993) were monthly programs for a local music stage and club, that's why my company got the name “MX-pro” (MusiX professional). Later on, large format printing, foil lettering and of course the Adobe products Photoshop and InDesign were added to the craft.

CD Premiere Presentation of ANGRY ROAD 2019 in Pfaffenhofen, Germany

Music was always there

During the first days of my freelance career in 1993, I was able to help out in a small recording studio here in Ingolstadt from time to time; Recording, mixing, live mixing, mic setups and also my first own instrumental recording “Six Tears”. This song should have been “in the drawer” for almost 30 years before I finally released it in 2021 on my solo instrumental album “TORN”. This closes the first circle in my life. Over the years, the job as a guitar teacher has always accompanied me.

A circle closes

And another circle is also closing; the struggle for existence with my company “MX-PRO” was tough; In 2007 the time came to expand to include professional guitar lessons. The competition in the printing industry got too fierce, and I've been making a living with guitar lessons ever since. That too became a “business” of its own, namely “Guitar-On-Demand”, GOD 🙂 for short


I never gave up on MX-pro, but now, in 2021, I'll continue with MX-pro where I started in 1993: supporting musicians and music. MX-pro records is now my own record label and therefore part of Jørg's World, so 100% support from music and musicians. However, the focus now is on mixing, mastering and producing. Production of the necessary print media for vinyl, CD, posters, T-shirts and merchandize is also part of this. So far I can proudly refer to the following artists I am currently collaborating / will be working with:
Ryan Neville • Sherise D'Souza • John Reneaud • Samuli Federley • The Voublys • Emily Glazener • Paul LeRocq

MX-PRO RECORDS label - the logo

2018 - the rocket starts

I always had the feeling that there will be a certain moment when I will be able to use all my experience bundled, that is, from the product "Jørg”To create my own world - namely Jørg's World. That moment came, after many, many band aberrations and band reshuffles, in the year 2018. The first own album "Jørg - We Call It Blues”Came on the market. With a little help from my good friend and then band keyboardist Christian Saal we received the invitation to the “Brezoi Blues Open Air” in Romania. There I got to know a lot of nice people who gave me / us (together with bassist “Locke”, but mainly with drummer Markus Maier) a few goals to ROCKSTADT (in Brasov) and to a small tour from Timisoara via Ramnicu Valcea (Aby Stage Bar) to Sibiu (including Rock'n Bike Club).

Jørg at the Rock'n Bike Club in Sibiu
Jørg & Silviu Havu, boss at the Rock'n Bike Club in Sibiu, Romania.

Also, with the help of a dear friend, my radio show started "Jørg's World ”on the station“ International Radio Germany ”with audience numbers of up to almost 70.000 listeners. Unfortunately, this friend, Alex Oprea, passed away in the summer of 2021 as a result of a heart attack. I regret that very much and will never forget him and his work. RIP my dear friend!

Jørg in the ABY STAGE BAR 2019 in Romania

Jørg's World Radio Show

From this one show on INTERNATIONAL RADIO DEUTSCHLAND emerged Jørg's World Radio Show. First moderated in German, then also in English, my radio show started in Romania, England (Surgery Records Radio), Canada (Powerplant Radio) and Italy (European Indie Music Network) and last but not least, in California on Plutoradio.com .

You can listen to my radio shows here as a podcast on MIXCLOUD!

Jørg's World aLive

Through this work I got to know fantastic people who are milestones in my network and whom I would not want to miss in my life. So the first label contact, with whom I work to this day, became PA74 with Alessandro Porcella and Victoria Moro, a real friendship. During my first 3 albums out 2018 and 2019 "WE CALL IT BLUES, ANGRY ROAD and "Jørg - LOVE ”still with PA74 At home, Alessandro, Victoria and I developed some streaming shows together during the pandemic lockdown. From an appearance in Alessandro's “CONCERTI DAL DIVANO” the joint show “30 seconds”, “Jørg's World aLive ”and of course my popular Sunday Streamings“ Who the heck is… ”

Jørg's music

So my music occurred in the year 2018 into the light of the world. With the starter album "Jørg - We Call It Blues"And the follow-up album"Angry Road”Together with drummer Markus Maier, two successful albums were created, which are available on all streaming platforms and in all stores worldwide. Right now as I write this article, Gotham City scores dated 2019 Album Angry Road great audience numbers Radio Galaxy107fm Audience records in New Zealand and many hundreds of inquiries!

The hit on Galaxy107fm: Gotham City!

From the blues it went on to that Heavy Metal Album AETERNOM - FIGHT FOR THE KINGDOM to TORN, and at the moment I'm working on a lot of new pieces of music together with SHERISE (India), JOHN RENEAUD (Los Angeles), JARED ASHER (Indianapolis), MARK LANOUE (Arkansas) and THE MIGHTY ONE (British Columbia). This wonderful music will be released worldwide via my label MX-PRO RECORDS in the next few weeks. I think I can proudly claim to have built my own little world: Jørg's World!

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Christian Saal, Jørg, Christopher Bayer & Markus Maier 2019 in Eddy's Rock Club, Germany