ROCKIN 'ENGINE from Ottawa

ROCKIN 'ENGINE was founded in 2015 and began its career as an entertaining cover band that presented the greatest hard rock and metal hits of the 80s and 90s. After a few years, the formation decided to write their first album with their own compositions in order to discover themselves musically. To her own great surprise, her compositions soon became very popular on many radio stations around the world!



In the next step, the group focused on their main influences and decided to bring their current EP out on the market. This became the true embodiment of what Rockin 'Engine stands for ... RAW AND HARD HEAVY METAL.

In collaboration with Dark Moon Productions in Ottawa, Canada, ROCKIN 'ENGINE have created a besondere Developed a preference for dark and chaotic subjects for her music videos. Mainly influenced by the horror film era of the 80s, their creativity knows no bounds and definitely makes you want more.

Hard work

ROCKIN 'ENGINE's current EP really reflects the evolution of their style of music and the hard work they all put into it. They decided to follow their roots and do what they love most: pure metal rock!


The concept of this album is to get the listener on an emotional roller coaster ride and connect with their music. The texts were structured and composed in a post-apocalyptic, metaphorical manner. It tells stories that put any listener in a chaotic world of injustice and control.

The host Jørg Klein

Jørg has already released a lot of his own music and has inspired people all over the world. Make your own picture, here it is Link to Jørg's albums in different styles.

Jørg Klein from Germany, musician and “Radioguy” is the inventor and initiator of the “Jørg's World' radio show broadcast / streamed on five radio stations each week. In UK (Surgery Records Radio), Canada (PowerPlant Radio), Romania (IRD Media), USA ( and via satellite (Euro Indie Music Network) across Europe. There is also a radio play radio show "Jørg's Broadcastle ”which is streamed in the USA ( "Jørg's World aLive ”is now the next step in Jørg's entertainment.

Jørg's World aLive
Jørg with guests from all over the world in "Jørg's World aLive ”

Where is the show

The live stream is on YouTube and in my Facebook group "Jørg's World aLive ”will be visible. So this time with JorgsWorldAlive - ROCKIN 'ENGINE!

What awaits you?

It awaits you in JørgsWorldalive - “Who the heck is…” always an artist who represents himself or his respective band. The concept works like this in this show: each artist will present a live interview, an original video and / or an exclusive contribution to the show.

Pure entertainment

45-60 minutes of entertainment from your favorite artist music clips, live videos and talk show! This is JørgsWorldAlive - Who the heck is… ”. Have fun guys! This time with: JorgsWorldAlive - ROCKIN 'ENGINE!

JorgsWorldAlive - JørgRadio's logo

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