Yes guys, the time has come. Pluto Gods - I'll be there - something new, big is announced:

Jørg & John Reneaud from LA, California, USA are working together on new songs and videos. The project will start under the name “Pluto Gods”. Last year we already produced a song with video together, you can find the clip a little below the “I'll be there” preview.

A new generation

A new generation of music is emerging here. I finally got rid of the shackles of commercial production and play the guitar at my personal limit. Especially with this song there are long solo parts that took me weeks of preparation and training. But it was worth it; I am extremely satisfied with the parts!

Skills expanded

In the last few weeks I have also been able to significantly expand my skills at the mixing desk and in mastering. The reason is a second cooperation with "The Mighty One" Tim Steinruck from Canada, who is extremely competent in this matter and gave me some tips. Many hours in my own recording studio followed and I achieved great things. You can listen to Pluto Gods - I'll be there:


John Reneaud from LA

John Reneaud lives in LA and has a variety of interests. He runs the radio station PLUTORADIO.COM, works as an actor and director, and is also a singer with body and soul. Its diverse, great music projects can be found on the YouTube platform. With his help, a whole album of fantastic pieces of music will be created.
Here is the complete video for our first joint production, initiated by John:

Electrify me - John Reneaud's video masterpiece with Jørg

Jørg Klein

Jørg (i.e. me) is a guitarist, musician, producer and sound engineer with his own mixing and mastering studio. Despite - or perhaps because of - the tough times in the music business Jørg funny on to himself. Due to the multiple experiences and the many live shows (Concerti Dal Divano International, Jørg's World aLive, 30 seconds) Jørg in the time since the beginning 2020 build an extensive network worldwide. With his weekly radio show "Jørg's World ”on five radio stations it reaches up to 70.000 listeners.

Fantastic music

Pluto Gods - I'll be there is the prelude to a series of fantastic songs. A second “Secrets of Life” has already been recorded, and there is already a concept for further songs. Look forward to the new things with me. Folks, this will be great!