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JorgsWorldAlive - Michaela Morschewsky

Michaela Morschewsky is a singer, saxophonist and composer. As a teenager she played in clubs and cafes on the French coast during the holidays. There she sang and accompanied herself on the guitar.
In addition, she discovered the flute and the piano for herself and made the acquaintance of the famous chanson master GEORGES MOUSTAKI in Paris, with whom she sang together and taught him to play the flute.

Here is the complete event to watch on YouTube:

Flute and saxophone

She studied flute, saxophone and singing. She also composed the soundtrack for the film "LIFEPAK" which won first prize at the Tel Aviv Film Festival.
She played and sang in various bands - including a big band.
• In 2010 she was nominated for the “best song” award with the song “In your Smile”
• 2020 she received the award for “best song, best voice” with the song “love wants light

Michaela on tour

Michaela has been touring Europe with her music for years, including hers
“SAXOPHONE SOLO ACTS”. She is currently producing her album “Herzklopfen” in her studio.
She is happy to work with Jørg Kleinwho is at her side with tips and tricks in terms of sound technology. To put the finishing touches on the songs - that make them what they are: plain, simple and touching. And with “JorgsWorldAlive - Michaela Morschewsky” the consequent step into the new era of music is now taking place - into live streaming!

A quote from Michaela Morschewsky:

“You can also be homesick when you are at home.
I've always been homesick for as long as I can remember!
It is the longing for an inner home.
When I compose songs, sing and play the saxophone, the music becomes my home!
In my last song “LOVE WILL TOUCH LIGHT” I tell about the experience of a great love.
During a phone call, this piece was created in a flash, with which I found my way back to myself.
The longing remains and deep gratitude for allowing music to emerge from it!

Michaela Morschewsky, June 2021

The host Jørg Klein

Jørg has already released a lot of his own music and has inspired people all over the world. Make your own picture, here it is Link to Jørg's albums in different styles.

Jørg Klein from Germany, musician and “Radioguy” is the inventor and initiator of the “Jørg's World' radio show broadcast / streamed on five radio stations each week. In UK (Surgery Records Radio), Canada (PowerPlant Radio), Romania (IRD Media), USA (Plutoradio.com) and via satellite (Euro Indie Music Network) across Europe. There is also a radio play radio show "Jørg's Broadcastle ”which is streamed in the USA (PlutoRadio.com). "Jørg's World aLive ”is now the next step in Jørg's entertainment.

Jørg with Alex & Madalina
Alex & Madalina from IRD MEDIA

Where is the show

The live stream is on YouTube (Full HD) and in my Facebook group "Jørg's World aLive ”will be visible. So this time too JørgsWorldAlive - Michaela Morschewsky

What awaits you?

It awaits you in JørgsWorldalive - “Who the heck is…” always an artist who represents himself or his respective band. The concept works like this in this show: each artist will present a live interview, an original video and / or an exclusive contribution to the show.

Pure entertainment

30-45 minutes of entertainment from your favorite artist music clips, live videos and talk show! This is JørgsWorldAlive - Who the heck is… ”. Have fun guys! This time with: JørgsWorldAlive - Michaela Morschewsky!

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