Terry vunCannon on the 30. May 2021

In JørgsWorldAlive - Terry vunCannon I present a great artist at Lap Steel & Guitarist who has been working and recording for over 4 decades. He is currently working on a number of solo single song releases under his solo name Terry VunCannonthat was in March 2020 start and last until 2021. Terry's songs were of course already on my radio show Jørg's World and was very well received!

Here is the video of our event on YouTube - in full length !:

An hour in a good mood Terry vunCannon and Jørg : )

Terry has released four singles so far, a fifth of which will be released in March 2021. "Shadow Of The Machine","Juke Joint”,“ 3AM - Sleeps Gate ”,“ Smoke 'em If Ya Got' em ”, already published, and“Carolina Blue" in March. These singles have in September / October 2020 a hit in the Roadhouse Blues Top 40-Charts of Cashbox Magazine landed and got strong radio support (FM) from New Zealand, UK and USA. Terry also has his own line of Lapsteel-Guitars - the V-MUSE Lapsteel guitars. These are made in Greensboro, NC in the USA.

Let the music make you stand up and shout - Terry vunCannon

Played until recently Terry VunCannon Guitar & Lap Steel in the R & B / Blues band for 10 years "Lawyers Guns & Money"And directed nine years earlier"Grooveline”. He also books entertainment and offers event planning for private and business events from VunCannon Music. He is married to Janice Hamby-VunCannon ... who is also his songwriting partner.

Terry vunCannon on stage with his LapSteel Guitar!

The host Jørg Klein

Jørg Klein from Germany, musician and “Radioguy” is the inventor and initiator of the “Jørg's World' radio show broadcast / streamed on five radio stations each week. In UK (Surgery Records Radio), Canada (PowerPlant Radio), Romania (IRD Media), USA (Plutoradio.com) and via satellite (Euro Indie Music Network) across Europe. There is also a radio play radio show "Jørg's Broadcastle ”which is streamed in the USA (PlutoRadio.com). "Jørg's World aLive ”is now the next step in Jørg's entertainment.

Jørg, the host of this “Who the heck is….” show

Where is the show

The live stream is on YouTube and in my Facebook group "Jørg's World aLive ”.

What awaits you?

It awaits you in JørgsWorldalive - “Who the heck is…” always an artist who represents himself or his respective band. In this show, each artist presents a live interview, an original video and / or an exclusive contribution to the show.

Pure entertainment

30-45 minutes of entertainment from your favorite artist music clips, live videos and talk show! This is JørgsWorldAlive - Who the heck is… ”. Have fun guys!
This time with: JørgsWorldAlive - Terry vunCannon

Here is the link to the previous individual artist - Emily Glazener from Houston, Texas!