Ralf Eberhardt on May 16.05.21, XNUMX

In JørgsWorldAlive - Ralf Eberhardt this time it's not about a musician from my radio show, sondern around a long-standing and valued musician colleague who lives very close to me here in Bavaria. Ralf likes to play the great works of the songwriter for his life Reinhard Meyer and will entertain us that evening with titles from him. We'll surely find out how this came about ... here is the complete show on YouTube:

Common past

We (Ralf Eberhardt and I) have already performed well-attended performances together, some with songs by Reinhard Mey, but also with other classics:

Ralf Eberhardt & Jörg Klein with an appearance from 2015. It was fun!

Small plan change in the format

I changed my show format a little; originally I wanted to present every artist with interview + liveplay + videos. However, it turned out that for many of the artists from my worldwide radio show "Jørg's World ”is too high a hurdle. So the show is now a little simplified - but no less worth seeing!

The host Jørg Klein

Jørg Klein from Germany, musician and “Radioguy” is the inventor and initiator of the “Jørg's World' radio show broadcast / streamed on five radio stations each week. In UK (Surgery Records Radio), Canada (PowerPlant Radio), Romania (IRD Media), USA (Plutoradio.com) and via satellite (Euro Indie Music Network) across Europe. There is also a radio play radio show "Jørg's Broadcastle ”which is streamed in the USA (PlutoRadio.com). "Jørg's World aLive ”is now the next step in Jørg's entertainment.

Jørg, the host of this “Who the heck is….” show

Where is the show

The live stream is on YouTube (Full HD) and in my Facebook group "Jørg's World aLive ”.

What awaits you?

It awaits you in JørgsWorldalive - “Who the heck is…” always an artist who represents himself or his respective band. The concept works like this in this show: each artist will present a live interview, an original video and / or an exclusive contribution to the show.

Pure entertainment

30-45 minutes of entertainment from your favorite artist music clips, live videos and talk show! This is JørgsWorldAlive - Who the heck is… ”. Have fun guys!
This time with Ralf: JørgsWorldAlive - Ralf Eberhardt

Here is the link to the previous individual artist - Silviu Dan Iliescu from Rumania!