The Italian singer Lavinia Fiorani had the idea of ​​spreading feelings of togetherness and folk tradition with a Roman folk music project. This is how the band came about "La Rom Antica"

Lavinia Fiorani, singer with “La RomAntica”

In the live concert on Tuesday, December 22nd at 9.30 pm you can find out who Lavinia Fiorani is what is behind “La RomAntica”, learn from her artistic life and can hear all her new songs, even two new, not yet released songs!

Here you can get an idea of ​​what to expect with “La RomAntica”.

As besonderen guest can be seen on the program Ricky Portera (The great guitarist of LUCIO DALLA and founder of the band STADIO)!

Ricky Portera in action

Concerti dal Divano - Alessandro Porcella

With the concert series “Concerti dal Divano” created creators and hosts Alessandro Porcella a new dimension of artistic expression. Through his Italian team, he offers compatriots the opportunity to present themselves to the world from home.