!!! Here is the link to the Christmas concert !!! 23.12.2020 / 9:15 PM German Time !!!

With the best wishes of the Italian and international team from #concertidaldivano, we present you the ConcertiDalDivano - Christmas special! This show is filled with many international and Italian artists. And also with famous people who want to wish you a “Merry Christmas”. In addition to several Christmas videos and video submissions in this Christmas special, we have five moderators from both teams ready for you:

The hosts

• Alessandro Porcella (our boss)
• Victoria Moro (Norway)
<br>• Jørg Klein (Germany)
• Dino Scordino (Italy)
• Sergio “SYGMA” Marini (Italy)

Unique event

ConcertiDalDivano - Christmas special is a unique event - and also the first in this context and for this occasion. All of us from the “Concerti dal Divano” team look forward to meeting you and our guests - it will definitely be a fun evening. Please have mulled wine and biscuits ready, because there are many, many dear guests who want to convey their wishes.

From the “Concerti dal Divano” team to YOU ​​ALL OVER THE WORLD!
The ConcertiDalDivano - Christmas special is free, so please to all of you:
share and spread the word !!! The more we are, the funnier it will be. Sure right?

The guests and videos

Alberto Fortis - Stereo Sound (USA) - Melga (Italia) - Jørg (Germany) - Lazie Jay (India) - Tzaaar (Romania) - Davide Turci (Italy) - Jakov Smirnov (Ukraine) - Nick Carrassi (Italy) - Slick Brown (Holland) - Ricky Ferranti (Italy) - Thomas Russel (Great Britain) - Kamal (Italy) - Linda Varg (Sweden) - Alis Mata (Italy) - Malene Markussen (Norway) - The Red Roosters (Croatia) - Alex Allyfy (Italy) - Safak (Turkey) - Sara Rose (Great Britain) - Alfredo Scogna (Italy) - Leontas (Great Britain) - Enok Amrani (Norway) - Gigi Folino (Italy) - Ruslan R'US (Norway) - Andrei Poliakov (Russia) - Pandora (Brazil) - Ruins Barren (Italy)

Concerti dal Divano - Alessandro Porcella

With the concert series “Concerti dal Divano” created creators and hosts Alessandro Porcella a new dimension of artistic expression. With his Italian team, he offers compatriots the opportunity to present themselves to the world from home.

“Concerti dal Divano International”Is now the beginning of a further generation of live streaming concerts that are presented in English. International artists also have a new, future-proof platform to perform.

The show's moderators include Alessandro Porcella, Jørg Klein and Victoria Moro can be seen more often.

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