On January 08th, 2021 the Online concert series “Concerti dal Divano Int.” Another great concert will take place at 9.30pm Italian time: Rebecca Nacshon Livestreaming Concert. Here we briefly introduce the Israeli artist to you:

Nacshon live streaming concert

The Israel-based artist Rebecca Nacshon writes and sings her own compositions. Rebecca released 4 singles, “Everlasting Love” in an original and an acoustic version, as well as “Beat of Broken Heart” and “Set My Heart on Fire”.

Rebecca was born on January 18, 1985. She has always felt drawn to music and wrote and sang since early childhood. At the age of 14 she recorded a song for the first time, a self-composed memorial song for her deceased grandparents. She shows musical diversity and with her impressive voice she is always clearly Rebecca Nacshon. In all of the songs she creates a clear picture with simple words and conveys moving messages of hope and love. In “Beat of Broken Heart” this message is sensitively supported by a saxophone. The song “Set My Heart on Fire” combines timeless beauty with modern sound.

Rebecca Nacshon live streaming concert

Rebecca never studied music professionally, sondern writes and composes her music out of feelings. She is inspired by her emotions, life in general and nature - a breath of wind, the sound of raindrops, sea waves on the shore - and new compositions are created. That's what their music is likesonders makes. More information is available on Rebecca's homepage!

Here is an original video of her, so that you can get an impression. What you can expect on January 08, 2021 at 9.30 pm Italian time at “Concerti dal Divano Int.” expected at the Rebecca Nacshon live streaming concert:

Rebecca Nacshon video

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