With JørgIt's time for 's Slidin' Christmas - for the first time in my musical life I wrote a Christmas carol and even produced a funny and cool video in high quality. The song is already available on all streaming platforms and online music stores worldwide. Just search for “Jorg Klein Slidin Christmas”!

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The message in the song is very simple:
The Christmas season is here, we are all looking forward to a peaceful, wonderful time with our loved ones. It's Christmas time. This year was tough enough for all of us, so just joy and a good mood! Here is the text too Jørg's Slidin' Christmas, if you want to sing along!

Lyrics for Slidin 'Christmas

Slidin 'Christmas  
There's a time of year we are all waiting for that's called christmas 
When the days are short and nights become longer it is Christmas
The people all around you starting to relax their mind
some of them wear fashion that's especially designed

The smell of candle lights and of self-baked cookies in the air
the attention and the good will of the people is starting to share
With a little bit of luck you will see the land in white
the eyes of the children are starting to shine bright

It is Christmas - yeah it's Christmas time
It is Christmas - yeah it's christmas time
it is Christmas time with the sound of Christmas music ev'rywhere

Then the day has come and all the Christmas gifts are lying there
in the living room under a brightly decorated tree
You hear the church's bells ringing, inviting you to come 
the holy word to listen and to think about you done 

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Slide Fusion Sound

The song is called Slidin 'Christmas because the sound makes me feel like "Slide Fusion”Drawer opriffen have. Already at the beginning 2020 came the successful one EP "Slide Fusion" on the market, with which I have created a completely new sound: the combination of metal drums and metal guitar with a blues bass and the typical blues resonator guitar. But now to the video:

The video too JørgI created 's Slidin' Christmas in my office in Ingolstadt - with the help of a blue screen. You can imagine that it was a lot of work to film 7 people independently of each other and then let them act together in the video. The video editing with many intermediate steps was a three-day massacre for the poor computer 🙂 But I see that the monster effort was worth it. And now have fun with the video Jørg's Slidin' Christmas!

Watch this video - "Jørg'- Slidin' Christmas ”. Happy Christmas everyone!


wish you yours