LEONTAS in the live streaming event from the online concert series “Concerti Dal Divano International” on December 07.12th.2020 delivered an excellent concert. First of all we would like to describe the band to you:

LEONTAS are a rock duo founded in London in 2015, consisting of singer and guitarist Alex Munteanu and drummer Scott Collier. After the two auditioned for a band in Camden have met has been LEONTAS in Camdens “Creation Studios” was born. The two artists realized that their musical styles were a perfect match. Now her goal is to sound louder and more aggressive and to express her social and personal beliefs through her lyrics.

The idea is to have Scott on drums / vocals and Alex on vocals / guitar playing. It combines 3 guitar amplifiers to create a huge monster of “sound wall”.
After the “Original Video” it continues LEONTAS in live streaming

Leontas - Original video "Darkened Heart"

In December 2016 they released their debut EP “With Love” and set their foot on the scene. The same gave an indication of what was to come. Their comeback was in 2017 when they released their double single “Stand Out”, live recordings that captured the dynamic and energetic vibe of the band from their live performances and further cemented their unique signature sound.

The follow-up single

The follow-up single 'Rhythm + Blues' was released in July 2018 published and quickly garnered national attention from the likes of BBC Introducing, Kerrang! Radio, Total Rock Radio and many more. The waves on international radio stations in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands and other countries were also high.

Tours through many countries

Since then the two have toured several countries, e.g. B. England, Greece and Bulgaria. With numerous shows and festivals as well as new material you can expect a lot more from the “Löwen” duo.

Live in “Concerti dal Divano” - 07.12.2020

With their appearance at “Concerti dal Divano International” LEONTAS Prove your skills once again in live streaming. With their two-part singing, Alex and Scott delivered a great rock concert with influences from blues, rock and glam and also struck softer tones.

A great first impression

That was a great first impression of the band. It really makes you want to see them live again soon. Here you can see a compilation of this wonderful concert:

LEONTAS in live streaming: In order to be able to see this and other grandiose concerts, you have the opportunity to register for the live streams of the Concerti dal Divano for a small fee using the following link: https://www.concertidaldivano.com/

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Concerti dal Divano - Alessandro Porcella

With the concert series “Concerti dal Divano” has creators and hosts Alessandro Porcella create a new dimension of artistic expression. Through his Italian team, he offers compatriots the opportunity to present themselves to the world from home. “Concerti dal Divano International” is now the beginning of a further generation of live streaming concerts that are moderated in English and also offer international artists a platform to perform.

The show's moderators include Alessandro Porcella, Jørg Klein and Victoria Moro can be seen more often.