JørgYou can now hear 's World Radioshow in over 40 countries! Sounds like I did something right, right? 🙂 In my “radio world” I play very different topics. Sometimes it's a single band special, and often I have mixed music. That means unknown artists and famous bands mixed in one show. And for a while there was a “Rock History Show” in which I heard famous rock songs from 1970 - 2018 picked out for you. I always think about how I can beautify your radio evening with great music and surprise you.

Four radio stations

Jørg's World Radioshow is broadcast on 4 radio stations on a weekly basis: Wednesdays on “Surgery Records Radio (UK)”, Thursdays on “International Radio Germany (Romania)”, Fridays on “Euro Indie Music Network (Europe)” and Saturdays on “ Powerplant Radio (Canada) ”. Here you can find the radio players and the start times.


A Sonderstatus takes my shipment "Jørg's Broadcastle" one. This is a radio play in episodes and describes a story around “Sir Jørg - Knight of the intergalactic vibe ”. Has meanwhile been among the listeners of Pluto radio Cult status achieved. Due to the enormously high production effort, the parts appear at irregular intervals. They will also appear in the rotation at irregular times on Plutoradio. (Exact broadcast times are available directly from Plutoradio's Twitter account).


The newest service for the independent bands and artists is the collaboration of Jørg's World Radio Show with the Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team by Mary Wood. Every week 2 artists / bands are presented in the radio show in the “Brecon Indie Reviews Blog”, and at the same time every review is in the Blog with an Info & Review + Spotify Player provided.


That takes many hours every week - because I want to do it “really well”. Each Jørg's World Radioshow is produced with own moderation! So if you like my work (and you would like to support me with a small amount) then you can become my “patron”. That's what I have to say here Patreon.com one way set up for you. Already in advance - thank you very much!

Jørg's World Radio show photo with Jörg in front of the moderator's microphone