"Jørg's Broadcastle on PlutoRadio ”- and how it came about;
It was a normal Friday night in 1867 when I dressed to go to one of those usual high society parties that usually took place every weekend. But something unforeseen should happen today. The last time I checked the large mirror in my dressing room, I suddenly heard a voice out of nowhere - and that voice knew my name!

The voice out of nowhere

"Joooorg," I heard, "Joooorg, I need you here!" the voice rang out of nowhere. "Who's there?" I asked. The voice from nowhere replied “I'm Lee Crisman from PlutoRadio - I have a mission for you, my friend!”. The voice asked me to take a step forward and step into the mirror. In the mirror! Maybe to Pluto?

But the voice was serious. And I overcame myself, took the step into the mirror - and found myself in a swirling tunnel that carried me through space.

That's how the big story begins

That's how the big story begins. How I came to plutoradio.com and there in “Jørg's Broadcastle on PlutoRadio ”moved in permanently. How I learned to send “Soul Saving Sonics” to earth via radio and so much more. How I learned to play electric guitar. And how I got to the title “Sir Jørg"Knight of the intergalactic vibe" came.

Jørg's Broadcastle on PlutoRadio

You can find out the full truth in my one-hour radio play, which is broadcast on Plutoradio.com. From July 26th to 28.07th2020 in a rotation every 3 hours, then at longer intervals.

In fact HERE - ON PLUTORADIO in the great desert of America!

Sir Jørg says about it

In fact,Jørg's Broadcastle on PlutoRadio ”the first radio play I have ever produced. With the voice of Lee Crisman, star moderator and co-founder of PlutoRadio. The broadcaster is based near Los Angeles, the task of its own choice is "we play the music it deserves to be heard". As in all other programs, only “independent” artists are heard in my program. You will be amazed at the musical quality of unknown artists from all over the world!

It can also be a little "weird" because our listeners can also listen to "normal" music on other stations or on one of my programs "Jørgs World" Listen. That is also the intention - and it is a good thing.