Jørg & Reneaud - Electrify me. In my opinion, a masterpiece from the hand of my friend John Reneaud, also known as the “Dresden Cowboy”. With his band “The electric shamans” makes the clubs in LA unsafe and here is his first cooperation with the “crazy German guy” - namely Jørg! John is an actor and station manager at Pluto radio, a cool, iconic internet radio station in Los Angeles.

Just a guitar track ...

John only wanted a couple of guitar takes from me, but I found the original groove quite inspiring. So, the sequencer program opened, the track cut and rearranged, a cool groovy one Riff developed and sent him both (his "sawn" original and my guitar track). Actually it was only meant as a draft, but that Riff then had so much energy that something big should come out of it.


John Reneaud was very impressed by my idea and now developed a completely new song based on the groove and my guitarriff. Fittingly, the topic is the Covid 19 pandemic - ELECTRIFY ME in this case means something like “connect me to the ventilator”. A very tough topic, and yet I am very proud to have made a contribution to a musical contemporary witness of this terrible pandemic.


My own music is always a point in time for me, you could say my diary. Music helps me not to forget things and to remember situations that led to the creation of a piece of music. With "Jørg & Reneaud - Electrify me ”it will be no different. It will always remind me of the lockdown, the fear for the future and the health of my loved ones.

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Here is the video "Jørg & Reneaud - Electrify me ”- a masterpiece by Jörg Klein and John Reneaud. Enjoy the flair and the groove. And thinks back to the terrible phase that led to the creation of the song. Please like and share, don't forget!