The recording

Here is the link to the recording of the great show, uploaded to youtube:

The “Instructions for Use”

Here is the original article I wrote a few days BEFORE the show:

Concerti dal Divano

THU, 18.06/XNUMX: “Jørg - Concerti dal divano ”- a performance from the online concert series with selected artists from the organizer PA74 from Italy.
I, Jørg, I am overjoyed to be the first international artist to be able to offer you his “home” concert. On Thursday, June 18.06th.2020 at 21:30 p.m.

So far …

Artists from Italy have been represented so far, but from now on international artists will also be represented. Since “normal” concerts will not be possible for the time being, here at “Concerti dal divano” you get the opportunity to enjoy great performances at home on the couch! In the concert series, well-known artists will also have a date, as well as an interview talk. The concerts each last 60 minutes.

We want to reach you

And for us artists it is currently the only way to reach you - dear listener. And the only way to recover a little of the total financial loss of the Corona crisis. The concerts take place mainly “during the week”. So certainly a nice concert and a good deed before going to bed.

How does this work?

The whole thing works like this:
You register (at least 24 hours in advance) this page at PA74 / Alessandro Porcella for 3.- €. This registration entitles you to participate in all subsequent concerts in the CONCERTI DAL DIVANO series. After registration and payment, you will receive a link to the event page via Facebook / email. The entire concert series takes place as live streaming on Facebook. During the concert, a PayPal connection is displayed, which you can use to send your favorite artist a sum of money of your choice. And yes, the concert takes place live on Facebook, because here the lowest fees with good quality are incurred.

What do I get to hear?

18.062020 / 21:30 p.m .: Im Jørg - “Concerti dal divano” I will songs from my 3 albums “We call it Blues","Angry Road" and "Love!" play for you. And some popular covers too! With the acoustic and classic guitar, but also with the electric guitar. This also means that unique versions of the songs will be created, as they have never existed live or on CD! And if you liked the concert or you just like the songs - my music is available worldwide on all streaming portals and music sellers. Here, for example, in iTunes / Apple Music or here in Spotify.
By clicking on the album covers you can buy my music on Amazon!

Jørg "Love!"Album 2019
My 2019he solo album "Jørg - Love ”- Click on the picture leads to the Amazon purchase link for the album
Jørg - we call it blues
My 2018he album "Jørg - we call it Blues”. Click on the picture leads to the Amazon purchase link for the album
Jørg - Angry Road
My 2019he album "Jørg - Angry Road”. Click on the picture leads to the Amazon purchase link for the album
Jørg - Slide Fusion
My 2020he EP "Jørg - Slide Fusion”. Click on the picture leads to the Amazon purchase link for the EP