On Friday, February 13.02th2020 I was invited to my school by my guitar student Leander. Hence the title "Jørg - back to school ”. Here are a few lines. From his mom, who wrote Martina:

Back to school! Or: Music lessons can be so cool!

Topic in 4th grade at Oberhaunstadt primary school: introduce a musician.

"Why wander far away when the good is so close?" Thought my 10 year old son Leander. After all, his guitar teacher is a real musician himself with a band and concerts and all the trimmings!

After a short reflection period and the question of whether the children would not tar and feather him and chase him out of school, Jörg actually agreed. Hooray!

"Jörg's presentation topic" patiently answered all questions and gradually a great poster was created that summarized Jörg's musical career, music and successes.

On February 13th the time had come! In the 6th hour Leander and his buddy Lorenz presented the musician “Jörg from Ingolstadt” based on the poster. Until then, a completely normal presentation, as there were already many in the class.

But then Lorenz said: And now it's your turn, Jörg! And opened the classroom door, in front of which the musician was waiting (slightly nervous) as agreed with the boys.

... and let's go:

Unbelieving looks and an astonished “Boohhh” from the front row greeted Jörg and then the 20 students and their music teacher experienced what was probably the coolest music lesson of all time! With his tin guitar, which would have turned out to be a canister with a different career, Jörg cast a spell over the class without exception. He played different styles for the children, explained the differences between different guitars and performed one of his most beautiful songs. The children listened impressed and Jörg received a lot of applause.

Then the fingers shot in the air and Jörg answered all questions about his person, his music, his concerts until it was already gong. 45 minutes had never passed so quickly.

The children went home very satisfied with buttons and one or the other plectrum and as far as you can believe the feedback from other parents, the enthusiasm was immense!

Thank you Jörg for this great presentation (and the good grade 😉) and your brilliant music!

Until the next music presentation! Kind regards, Martina and Leander

My mission with the kids

Jørg - back to school; My first question to the kids was "... what kind of music do you listen to ...?". The majority of the answers were “so many things… Spotify playlists and so… radio…”. Yes, well, I could actually point out that there is more. For example the blues, which I also performed. I had my metal resonator guitar and brass slide with me for demonstration. Then I played themBest days of my life”Before, a fingerstyle picking piece from my pen.

Jørg - back from school 🙂

Conclusion of the whole story:
I really enjoyed it - the children were extremely exemplary and disciplined. Kudos to you, kids!
And I hope that the boys and girls will broaden their musical horizons. If you want to, HERE IS THE LINK to my new "thing" SLIDE FUSION. Maybe just to think outside the box.
Thanks to Leander, Lorenz, Martina and of course to the nice woman teacher 🙂