Jørg on Radio Bayern 1: We write the 03.03.2020. It's a gray morning here in Ingolstadt. And yet the sun shines for me today because "ON THE RUNFrom my new EPSlide Fusion”Will reach many listeners today. More than before through the radio stations spread all over the world. Between 20:05 p.m. and 23:00 p.m.

Don't get me wrong - I'm more than grateful for the radio plays in Romania, Argentina, England, America - but to be “on air” here in my home country Bavaria is still very nice for mesonderit feeling!

Where to hear Well on the radio! Or in the car radio!

Probably the hottest rock show in Bavaria

Tom Glas is the name. The man of the hour. “Bayern 1 Classic Rock” is his show on Radio Bayern 1. And his show has become a cult. With 3,14 million listeners, they obviously do something right here at Bayern 1. Well, and Tom anyway! If I don't have a guitar student in front of me or headphones on my ears in my own studio, I like to listen to Tom. You should do too!

Tom Glas, our star moderator from Ingolstadt. His show: “Bayern Eins Classic Rock”.

Bavaria 1 Classic Rock

So today the time has come: “Jørg - ON THE RUN”Runs on“ Bayern Eins Classic Rock ”on Tom Glas. Dear Tom, thank you very much for that. It means a lot to me to reach the listeners at home. Jørg on Bayern Eins 🙂

Jørg - Slide Fusion