The third JørgShow on International Radio Germany with new broadcasting time:
• Wednesday, February 26.02th2020 at 18pm / 6pm (Romanian time).
• Thursday, February 27.02th2020 at 18pm / 6pm (Romanian time).
• Monday, March 02.03nd2020 at 22pm / 10pm (Romanian time).

What is there to hear?

In this third JørgThe show is again about my favorite songs and for two hours Music from and with me! Moderation in German.
Two hours of music crisscrossing my life from bands that have influenced and inspired me. In the end there are only two types of music; good and bad 🙂

If you missed it; here is the link to the podcast:

The songs mainly come from the rock area and start somewhere in the eighties. This time the focus is on Heavy Metal from Germany, England and America with fat rock songs, beautiful ballads and of course instrumental pieces. With music by Bruce Dickinson, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Malmsteen, Edguy, Hammerfall and many others.

Many thanks to IRD

Thanks again to Alex and Madalina from the radio station “International Radio Deutschland” in Sibiu, Romania, who gave me this great opportunity of the third JørgEnable show.
And of course a THANK YOU to all listeners in Germany, Romania and elsewhere. We would be very happy to receive a lot of feedback, just contact us via social media (Facebook etc.).
Listen: the third JørgShow on radio IRD