I am very happy to be able to present my music on PlutoRadio from Scottsdale, Arizona soon. Jørg on PlutoRadio.com! I received the following message on my request:

Answer from the alien planet

Hi Jorg… Hey, wow, you gave us so much great music to choose from. I pulled a bunch of songs and will get your music into my upcoming Phase 2 shows. We typically notify about airplay via Twitter and / or our Facebook. You can find us on Twitter at PlutoRadio. Thanks for your amazing music! And for supporting what we do.

The way to the strange star

Here he is, PlutoRadio player with a really refreshing mix of rock, indie, punk, alternative. In super quality. And some moderation is really crazy. 🙂 I think it's fun to listen to there. Just right to get your ears free of the typical current electronic music. For me personally as a “handmade music producer” and guitarist, the usual Spotify playlists are very difficult to endure… PlutoRadio.com is a real alternative!
Here is the link to Twitter Feed.

Who is behind it?

Lee Crisman started out in the 90s as a "conspiracy radio host" on the Internet. He started broadcasting alternative rock radio in 2007 and switched to the founding of Pluto Radio in 2008, which has been broadcasting the station continuously since then. The story goes like this: Lee is from Los Angeles, he lived in New Mexico, Arizona and the California desert. PlutoRadio.com has been edited and developed by musicians from all over the world. Some of the musicians (from around the world) who helped PlutoRadio.com come into being are: “Song Butcher” aka Thomas Trapp (Texas), John Reneaud (Detroit, LA)), John Ludi (Wisconsin) , Paul E. Phonics (Germany), Lee Negin (Korea), Stalker Kimmy (Chicago), Andrew Orozco (Tomorrow Man, LA) and many others…
(Source: PlutoRadio)

Rock never wants die

At this point I would like to emphasize that the "handmade" music does not die out. Of course, it's easy to run pushed playlists - but that narrows down the musical horizon. Great music is provided in Germany by Radio Bayern Eins or of course Rockantenne. Music is just a part of life, and “handmade songs” made and heard in other countries on this planet, in my opinion, cannot be bad for us either.

Modern music

Who says which music has to be modern or current? Shouldn't that be a decision we make ourselves? Generations of great musicians share their thoughts with us and often made me think personally. I personally find repetitive phrases in German pop that only aim at simple perception and sympathy. With Jørg on PlutoRadio.com I feel like I am not fighting for nothing and wasting hours in the recording studio.

Take your time!

Maybe you take the time to listen to the songs from the past years. All too quickly you forget how much some piece of music has enticed you to groove along. Or make your eyes water. Has given pleasure. And yesterday's hits are no worse just because they're yesterday. One yesterday, when we took the time ...

Of course I am really happy if my songs belong to it. For example, my piece is very emotional ”Best Days of my Life”. This is unconventional and takes a little time to listen:

There are only two types of songs: good music and bad music. As simple as that. Jørg PlutoRadio.com is another step in the right direction. I'm very glad about that.