JørgShow on Radio IRD - isn't that wonderful news?
Wednesday, 12.02.2020 and Thursday, February 13.02th2020 The broadcast took place at 19 p.m. (Romanian time). And here at IRD on TuneIn.
If you missed it, here is the podcast for the show:

What is there to hear?

For the first time, I have my own radio program. I have two hours JørgShow moderated for you; with my favorite songs, moderation in German and of course also Music from and with me!

The songs come mainly from the rock area and start somewhere in the eighties. With the JørgShow on Radio IRD I tell you the story of my career and the musical character. I am sure that you know many of the songs and are happy to hear them again. And even if not - good music guaranteed 🙂

Many thanks to IRD

Many thanks to Alex and Madalina from the radio station “International Radio Deutschland” in Sibiu, Romania for giving me this great opportunity.
And of course also a THANK YOU to all listeners in Germany and Romania. We would be very happy to receive a lot of feedback, just contact us via social media (Facebook etc.).
Listen: the JørgShow on radio IRD