In issue 3 /2019 the following review about my album appeared “Jørg - Angry Road"

You can lie musically lazy on your skin Jörg Klein aka Jørg now really don't blame. 2018 the album was releasedWe call it Blues", Beginning 2019 the tribute album "Love!”And now with“Angry Road”The third album in a short time. In addition, the Ingolstadt is also active as a music teacher - with so much activity, many young musicians can cut a proper disc.

Basically has Jörg Klein fully committed to classic rock'n'roll. But already in his teens he fell at least as much in the blues. This connection is clearly reflected over the entire length of the album. Sometimes the blues dominates (“Can't let you go”), sometimes the rock (“Angry Road”), But the symbiosis never seems inappropriate, forced or unnatural. So created Jørg once again a strong, old school (and really old school) dripping work that can be seen as a bow to luminaries such as Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughn.

According to him, music is both diversity and precision - and this can be heard in his pieces. Technically sparkling clean music mixes with joy, emotion and this lively mixture of blues and rock. Vocally remembered Jørg a few times pleasant to the genre alien to Sivert Høyem, which gives the album another level.

This is music that bands like AC / DC or Rose Tattoo have built on musically, creating world careers. For Jørg may come a little late - but it shouldn't stop a convincing person like him from recording more albums. Keep it up! PS